Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 29, 2016

Needle Felted Dog NOSES loved by Gourmet Felted example Pomeranian


Sometimes I don’t have a nose made in the right size so I use a premade nose. I felted this Pomeranian and added a premade nose.  Very handy with cute details. Available in assorted sizes. They have 2 cute nostrils and a crease down the center. I cut the back leg off the nose and just glue it on the flat back. I like to use Krazy glue “color change”. It brushes on purple and dries clear. You can see if you get any extra on a spot that you don’t want. I dab it off with the pointy cotton swabs that have a stiff pointy tip. This is what the noses look like.


They even come in pink and red. Aren’t they adorable?  Here is the link to see more info or purchase.


Happy felting!






  1. Wow these are adorable. Can you make puppies or Shih Tzu’s?

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