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Why do I Needle Felt Dogs? Needle Felting Custom Pet Portrait Sculptures by Gourmet Felted


I was recently asked why I took up needle felting and I thought about that question for a while. I have always LOVED dogs and have made hundreds of drawings of them. Then I saw a needle felted bear and thought “how cool is that? I can do that!!” So I got a felting needle at a local craft store and couldn’t find any wool to felt! This was 8 years ago so needle felting supplies were hard to find back then! I decided to pull apart some wool yarn and felted a Pomeranian out of it!

Why a Pomeranian? I think that they are one of the sweetest dogs and I love dogs with long fur. So I taught my self to needle felt. I also make them poseable as I thought that would make them more fun!

So back to the question….WHY do I needle felt?

I love capturing the spirit of a dog and try hard to show that “certain look” in my sculptures faces. Also I am so glad that I can create a Special Memorial Sculpture that a person can treasure always. Sometimes I even add a bit of fur to make it extra special.

Here is a Memorial Sculpture of a French Bulldog named Lulu. She was a surprise gift and it truly touched the hearts of the receiver. I am so happy that I can bring joy into a person’s life with a little replica of their dog and I am honored when I am asked to do so. Here is the 5 star review that I received on this sculpture. It really made my day!! I wish that I could have seen her open the box!




“I ordered this as a gift for my friend’s birthday. Her and her dog are born the same day. What I want to say is a quote from my friend when it arrived to her door, ” Never in my years of living has a gift touched not only me but my entire family. We all cried, this is a perfect replica of my baby and I’ll never forget you for this!”

So not only was my gift a HIT (to say the least) but working with Gerry was effortless and she filled the experience by caring about this as if it was the only order she ever filled. It was all together a wonderful Experience and I highly recommend a felted miniature for anyone you know that has a beloved animal companion.”




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