Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 14, 2014

Needle Felted Cat by Gourmet Felted ~ What size felting needle?

cat rocky sun 018

Here is a fluffy Siberian long furred Silver tabby cat that I felted using  #36 and #38 star felting needles.

Question: I recently received this question. When do you know it is time to go to the next size needle?


That is a really good question! If you have felted something to the point that the needle doesn’t do anything anymore, then a finer needle is needed. The finer needles are the higher numbers. A #38 star needle is good as it has an extra row of barbs which grab the wool better.


Question: What is the best size felting needle to use?

I think that there are no hard rules on this.  My favorite is a #36 needle. Years ago when I started needle felting all that was easily available were #36 coarse needles.  So that is what I used for two years and everything was fine. I always use a #36 needle. I use coarse wool for the core as it felts fast and provides a firm base to felt fur into. The coarse #36 needle is great for this. I also use a #38 medium star needle. This needle usually costs a little more but it is really worth it.  I use this needle for face detailing as it is a shorter needle which gives more control for the little area of the face.

Fine needles #40 or #42

Once in a while I do use fine needles if I am using fine wool for a very smooth surface layer like skin.  The thinner needles make smaller holes. If you use a #36 coarse needle the holes would be much larger on a fine wool like merino.

So all in all I really do believe that felting needle size is a personal choice and depends on the fiber that you use,  how firm that you want to felt it and  what you like best.

Happy Felting!




  1. I just begin in needle felting and I want to know where can I learn to do a cat or a dog. I’m from Québec Canada. Tank’s

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