Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 24, 2013

Needle Felting Poem from Gourmet Felted giveaway

This is such a lovely poem on Needle Felting, that I just had to post this again! This was from a givaway asking the question…what do you like about needle felting! I’m sure that we all can relate to this!   Congratulations Cindy! Thank you for the lovely poem!
Please let me know which wool that you would like as a thank you. Just go to my Etsy shop and pick one out!

I sit here in my quiet space
Putting aside the day I’ve faced
Eagerly pulling my basket out
This is MY moment without a doubt.

So soft, the fiber between my fingers
I only wish this time could linger
For so many ideas run through my mind
If only I could find a little more time!

In and out the needle goes
What shape is next? Maybe toes?
Maybe eyelashes, or a tiny pout….
Alas, evening turns night…time has run out!

Yet tomorrow is another day,
I’ll do my work and then I’ll play!
I’ll sit there in my quiet space
and felt away the day I faced.

Thanks so much for inviting me to this blog…I was very pleased to see so many instructions as I am always eager to learn. I can see this site will be a great way for me to advance my beginner skills! Felting is a beautiful hobby. I paint pet portraits, and often they keep me in my art room, away from my family. Felting is something that I can do in solitude or in the presence of my family. I can start and stop at the drop of a hat, I can even take my basket with me while I wait for someone at the doctor’s office. I have hopes of using the pieces that I make to help toward the animals I rescue. It’s a very comforting hobby and I am so glad I have stumbled upon it and the wonderful people I have met through it. Many thanks, Cindy



  1. Hey congrats Cindy, lovely poem and oh so very true – time flies when you are having fun!!!!

    I also find I get rid of so many frustrations by jabbing that needle in-and-out, especially if picturing the face of that very annoying individual who spoilt my day on the piece of batt I am needling!!!!

  2. Cindy is going to make an elderly gentleman friend a couple of needle felted clowns! So I made a custom mix of colors for her to make her clowns. That was her choice for her free wool for winning the first week of my comment contest! Can’t wait to see her clowns! She said that she woulc send me pictures! Keep up the great work Cindy!

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words in regard to my poem! I am so excited about winning! I have to say I love this site and all the helpful tips you have given!

    I must admit I got tickled at Janet’s comment of jabbing “THE INDIVIDUAL THAT SPOILED MY DAY!” Can’t say I ever thought of that! But now that I have, I will keep it in mund! tee hee.

    Off to work, thanks again, Cindy

  4. Yes that is pretty different! I do my needle felting to forget away from problems and for peace. You are welcome to ask me anything about making your clowns! Please let me know if you need help!

  5. great poem.

    • Thanks! I thought so also!

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