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~Needle Felting Tutorial ~ Learn to Needle Felt a Needle Felted PUMPKIN made with Gourmet fiber batting~by Gourmet Felted

New Improved Pumpkin Tutorial. Even EASIER and faster than my previous version!  Fancier too!

Yes that right! It is easier! I have some Custom Made Wool Batting that is simply gorgeous!


Batting is made of layers of wool in colors carefully picked.  Then the wool is put through a carding machine and the colors are all combed together loosely. You can see the different shades of orange wool that is highlighted with golden silk. There is a brown for the stem and greens for the leaves.  I had this batting made of specific colors that I wanted for my pumpkin kits. All of the details are in the batting, so you can make a base pumpkin and then wrap it up in the batting. It is so fancy it looks like you worked on it all day..but you didn’t!



I like the  pumpkin that is the Cinderella shape. I felted in a line to make ridges that go around the pumpkin. I use coarse wool for the core and it saves on felting the whole thing out of the more expensive colored wool. The coarse wool felts faster and makes a firm base to felt into.

Make a ball and felt it together with a #36 coarse needle.Whatever size that you start with, after you felt it, it will be about 1/4 of the size, depending on how firmly that you felt it.  You may have to add more wool a few times before you end up with the size that you want.


Ok , now for the fun stuff!!! Let’s add the color!!

Wrap the base with a piece of the wool batting. Felt it together on the top and bottom.  Next felt in some grooves all around. The batting has darker shades of orange that show in the grooves.


Make a stem. Take a piece of the tan wool and folded  in half before felting.I split the base into 3 pieces to form the base of the stem. Felt into a steam shape with the base unfelted. Felt the bottom over the top of the pumpkin as pictured.


I added a leaf and some mohair curls for tendrils. I put a little of the brownish purple on the bottom.

That’s it!  Now you have a little masterpiece pumpkin. Each one is unique!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY MY NEW NEEDLE FELTING PUMPKIN KIT SEE IT IN MY ETSY STORE. **Just click below. Includes the gorgeous pumpkin batting, 2 felting needles, core wool, tan wool, green wool and BONUS green mohair curls for tendrils!

Feeling more ambitious? I have a new SILK pumpkin kit that makes gorgeous pumpkins in any color that YOU choose! You make doodles with the silk strands to decorate it! Each is one of a kind!




  1. Ohh! Look at the pretty pumpkin colors! I love the way this looks blended!

  2. Thanks so much! I had this made specially for my pumpkins. It is a one of a kind blend.Each area makes a different looking pumpkin.

  3. Good Morning,
    These instructiosn are easy, thank you so much for that. ok…….here is my question, where do you get the core, the corse wool from, is that simply less expensive white wool?
    I sold my Lab! only one bid but thats somtimes all it takes! yay! it went for 39.99

  4. Another topic, I just have seen your dog scarf and cat scarfs, they are so adorable and sweet. You are so talented and creative.

  5. Beautiful colors you put together, Gerry – that gold batt is just scrumptious!

  6. Hi Debra, I use Romney wool for the base ALWAYS! It is a coarse wool and it felts easily and has strength to stand up on it’s own. It is moderately priced, but you usually have to but a pound or more. AND you have to wash it. Did you see my wool washing instructions?
    I do sell washed romney wool for cores. You can also use it for dogs that have fur with a little crimp in it, like a Bichon Frise.
    Thanks for your comment about my scarves. That’s what I did before I discovered needle felting. I made many OOAK knitted items!

  7. To Carys, The gold batt FEELS as nice as it looks! It is so soft, and there are tiny sparkles in the pumpkin from the silk fibers. Some of it gets separated from the steaks of color and single fibers land here and there and make that affect! I love working with batting. It is like a cloud. I sell pieces of this to people who don’t need pumpkin kits! Thanks for noticing! HAPPY FELTING!

  8. Thank you, is that in your etsy store. I will go look.

  9. Hi,
    I just received your pumpkin kit and am all excited to get started, but the tutorial says to needle felt the wool and I don’t know what that means. This is all new to me and I need more detailed directions. Can you please help me ?
    Thanks, Sandy

  10. I’m sorry! Go to the bottom of this page and CLICK on Needle Felting TIP OF THE WEEK. The third one listed says HOW TO FELT> CLICK on that and you should be able to understand it.

    To Start a pumpkin, grab a piece of the white wool and roll it up and then start poking it with the longer needle. As you keep poking it, it will start to shrink. It will end up about 1/4 of the size that you started with. Pull off some more and wrap it around the ball and poke some more. Do that until it is a little firm and then you can add the orange top wool.
    Please Let me know if you need more help. I’m here to help:)

  11. Oooh, that pumpkin colored batt is fantastic! I love it. Very nice colors.

  12. Speaking of pumpkin batt– I noticed you said up above that you sell pieces of it to those of us who don’t need the kit. Where can I purchase it? 🙂

  13. I had this color custom made in a large piece. I could sell a piece of it also. Please see my shop for more info.

  14. Thanks so much for this! It helped me LOTS! I’m new to felting, so I really appreciated the step-by-step WITH pictures! Your work is just amazing!
    All my best, De

    • Hi De,
      Welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for your kind words! Please feel free to ask any questions! Happy Felting!

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