Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 10, 2013

Your Needle Felting Questions Answered~Can I Felt Pet fur?

I frequently get asked if pet hair can be felted? The answer is…it depends on the fur. I felted cat fur for the cat sculpture that I made here. It was the fluffy undercoat so it worked out fine. I still had to blend it with other wool to get the right color. If you have hair that is short and slippery like lab fur, chihuahua fur,and the like, it would be very hard to felt. The fluffy undercoat of dogs is easiest to felt. Such as collies, sheltie, huskies, shepherds,poms , and any breed that is double coated. Poodle hair works as does yorkie fur. Yorkie fur has to be worker a little more. It is sweet to use your pet fur in a pet sculpture as it makes a special keepsake that can become a family heirloom. The best thing to do is experiment and see what you can do!!

3 little bearsThese sweet little bears were felted from pure cat fur made by someone who runs a CAT RESCUE. Now that is recycling!!LOL!!


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  1. I think using pet fur as part of the sculptures is the goal of many of us, I know it is one of mine. So, what is the best method to use to blend the pet hair with the wool?

  2. I use two wire file brushes. They are like pet slicker brushes with the very thin wire bristles. They are also good for blending colors together to make something like light pink. You put a little pink with white and brush them together. With the pet fur you could do the same thing. You can also use the pet fur without blending. Just felt it into a firm wool core so it would be the topcoat.

  3. The best way to get nice clumps of fur with that undercoat intact is to use one of the pet brushes with the steel blade like the Furminator or others like it. I use this on my boy to get all his shedding fur off and it comes off in big thick clumps. I was thinking about saving some of those to use in a sculpture if I ever get to the point of being ready to sculpt him. Right now I’m just starting. Oh, and I learned about needle felting because I found your shop on Etsy, so thank you a million times over for all the tips you’ve posted. Your work is amazing.

    • Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for your tip and your kind words on my work!! I have used fur myself for felting, and the undercoat should be perfect as it has that fluffiness. What kind of dog do you have? Do you have a felted creation that you’d like to enter in my needle felting contest that I am hosting now? I would love to see it The prize is a multineedle felting pen or wool of your choice($15) value!) HAPPY FELTING!!

  4. Thanks, Gerry. I have only felted one tiny ball so far, but I like to look at your creations and all the others. When I make my first “something,” I will send you a pic, for sure!

    My boy is a black lab/collie mix, so he has that slick lab fur on top but the fluffy collie part underneath. It doesn’t look as weird as it sounds. I also have a little girl kitty who is also black. They are very much like having 2 kids, especially the way they fight with each other. 🙂 Thanks for posting all your work here and all these great tips!

  5. I have a white chow chow with bags and bags and more bags of soft undercoat that I have kept over several seasons of molting. Didn’t know what to do with it but today I bought two darling felted teddy bears. I would like to learn how to neddle felt and use my dogs chow wool. Oh by the way her name is mei ling and she is rare for her white/cream coat. looking forward to your tips as I start this new adventure.

    chris c

    • Hi Chris,
      Welcome to my blog! That is cool that you have bags of chow chow fur. People send me their dogs fur to add to my sculptures. I have never made an entire sculpture out of dog fur, but I’m sure that it could be done. I have even spun yarn out of dog fur before! There are many tips on my blog and I also have a needle felting kit in my shop.
      Happy Felting!

  6. Do you need a special brush/comb to get the undercoat of a shorthaired cat?

    • I’m not sure about that as I am allergic to cats! I didn’t think that there is much of an undercoat on a short haired cat??

      • I guess I should just try it out and see if I can felt it! I am pretty sure that most cats have an undercoat. My sister’s cat, Camelot, could need the extra brushing and attention anyways since his favorite brother died recently. Since they have the same fur color (but Camelot sheds 98% more :P), I was hoping to needle felt Camelot’s brother. I will see if it is possible and let you know if I get any results. Thanks for the feedback and the helpful tutorials.

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