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SNIFF SNIFF..WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR NOSES? So many people have asked me that! I don’t buy them….I MAKE THEM MYSELF, AND NOW YOU CAN TOO!!


Compare the size of your dogs eyes to the size of the nose. Sometimes they are close in size but usually a dogs nose will be larger than the eye. Measure the eye and see how much larger the nose is. Is it 1 1/2 times larger or 2 times larger? Make the nose to that size and it will be just the right size.

STEP ONE: Please go to this link for the tutorial. I decided to sell some of my tutorials as my husband has a rare disease and insurance won’t pay for his medicine. I just finished the tutorial to make your own noses for Needle Felted dogs, wolves, foxes, etc. Here is the link. More Tutorials to come soon!

Thank you! Happy Felting!




  1. Just what I needed to know! I’m going to try to run by a craft store today and pick up the stuff for noses. Thanks, Gerry, your “Tip of the Week” segments are always just right!

  2. Do you sell them? If I get any busier!…….I have a New puppy!

    Many Soft Nickers,


  3. Thanks Gerry. Something new to try. Thanks for all the tips. They have been very helpful.


  4. Another great tutorial, Gerry! Is there a correlation in the size of the nose to the size eyes and size of the dog? I bought some 4mm eyes, so the dog should stay around what size…and the nose? Thanks…,.Lynne

  5. I don’t sell any noses! I barely have time to make my own!HA!

  6. Of course there is a correlation between the dogs eyes and nose just like a real dog. I use 4 mm eyes the most. I make 2 to 4 inch dogs and that’s a good size for them Sometimes I use 5mm if they are larger. The noses…that depends on the breed. I go by the eye width compared to the nose width checking a picture of a real dog. Be sure to work from photos if you want to make an accurate dog. Noses are different shapes too. Have fun!

  7. Thanks, Gerry… I just wasn’t sure the size range of the dogs you make… It’s so hard to tell from photos….. They look so real…. Each breed is different…Just wondered with all those noses, you must stay within a certain range….Thanks for the info!

  8. The noses are very small. I make different sizes from 5mm to 10 mm. Most dog noses are larger than eyes.

  9. Is it my imagination or did you slightly flatten the nose for Cricket, your Brussel’s Griffon? It would make sense to do so, since they are a flat faced breed. I just wasn’t sure if it was me over analyzing your inspiring work or not!

    Your Cocker, (above,) has that wonderful angelic look of spaniels but I must say your Puli looks like she will be a bit of a grooming nightmare if she keeps playing in the leaves!

  10. Yes I did flatten the nose for the brussels . I use that kind of nose for squished faced dogs. Actually that was the lame way that I used to make dog noses until I really studied a dogs nose and realized that it was more triangular in a 3D way. I had to train my mind to think in 3D more. I drew and painted for years, but that isn’t 3D. It’s a whole different way of creating that I had to get used to!
    Thank you for your kind words on my cockerl I always loved Lady & the Tramp!

  11. I am loving your blog and the wonderful pictures, creative ideas etc….thanks so much. i will keep
    checking back and learning. You do such lovely
    work….i have 3 small dog-boys myself. but i am
    going to stick to a couple small teddy bears for a
    bit until i get a better idea of what i am doing…i love needle felting – what fun!

    • Hi Kat! Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for telling me! It is so nice to hear! I do have some more ideas to post..just need the time to do it! Do you have any questions?

  12. i really loved your blog .you are great!! these are very helpful tips thank you so much 🙂 i’ll be one of your followers!!

  13. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog! That was so sweet of you to reply! So many people visit and never say thanks! You made my day! Happy Felting!

  14. May I ask how you applied the nose to the animal?

  15. I use Krazy glue color change formula. It comes with a brush. It is lavender when you first put it on and it dries clear. You can see exactly where you apply it. The brush puts just the right amount on.

  16. Just stumbled upon your site and love it. I have been pinning felted critters on pinterest this week. I didn’t know such precision could be attained with wool and a needle! Your sculptures are amazingly life like. I will never reach your level of art, but I will definitely have to try my hand at felting. I have worked in sculpey clay – so at least I know my noses will look good! LOL Rita

    • Hi Rita,
      Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for your kind words on my sculptures. I am for realism with a touch of whimsy! I am really fussy with my sculptures and spend hours on each one with much love added. I try to improve a little on each sculpture. I have found that people who have worked in clay are naturals when it comes to needle felting! I used to draw a lot so I had to retrain my brain to think in 3D. Sometimes it is a struggle! I would love to see something that you created (clay or otherwise) sometime! Thank you for your comment!

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