Posted by: gourmetfelted | April 29, 2013

FUR! How to trim Needle Felted dog fur by Gourmet Felted

bearded collie.jpg1

I was recently asked…..How to trim fur??? Good question!


That would depend on the breed. You could pull it out straight from the side of the body for a layered look or just trim along the bottom. Think what they do at the beauty salon to cut hair. You snip little pieces bit by bit all over the body. It can take about 30 minutes to trim and groom a long coated 4 inch dog. Sometimes if you have felted in too much fur, then you have to pull some out as it is “over furred” Much patience is needed but the end result is worth it. Actually with some breeds it is easier to use the length of fur that you actually want from the beginning. Then you don’t have so much trimming to do at the end. When you fur a sculpture you are actually doing the whole dog twice so much time is involved. Be sure to have sharp scissors for faster clipping. A scissor sharpener is worth the investment and can help you snip once instead of two or three times which can happen when the scissors are dull. I love grooming dogs real or felted. Take a large needle and “comb” as you go. Sometimes you have to add a bit where the fur is too thin.
Happy felting!

bearded collie


  1. Gorgeous Bearded Collie! Thank you for the tips. I’m still trying to figure out how you managed to felt that much fur onto the dog in the first place!

    • Hi Nancy,
      I felt little pieces bit by bit all over the dog and shape and groom as I go. It can takes days for a large one!
      Happy felting!

      • thank you Gerry. I’m in the process of making a raccoon and am stuck on how to do the feet. Any suggestions for making a foot with five ‘toes’ that look almost like hands? Everything I’ve tried makes them too BIG!

      • When I make little feet like that I make them of wire and wrap with thin wisps of wool or embroidery thread. It takes a long time but the end results are worth it!

      • I think I’ll try the wire approach again. I tried it before but I think my wire was too thick. If I felted enough wool over the wire to keep it from poking out, the toes ended up too thick…


      • Well take heart Nancy. It was a learning experience and you will do better next time!
        Happy felting!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog for the last couple hours. How time flies….Your work is inspirational. I’m curious why some of the posts are password protected. Is there a sign up to view those posts. I am an intermediate needle felted and sure appreciate your talent and tips.


    • Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for your kind words on my blog and sculptures! I am going to be selling tutorials in my Etsy shop on the password protected posts as soon as I get them ready. There is still a HUGE amount of info that I have shared on my blog at no cost to help with needle felting! Thanks for your question.
      Happy Felting!

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