Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 2, 2012

Needle Felting Tip Contest WINNER is Mary! Great idea for even Eye placement!!

THANK YOU for all of your great tips! EACH of them is helpful for anyone that wants to improve their needle felting technique!

Here is a tip that I thought could help everyone! And it’s so easy! I have seen some really lovely sculptures with very crooked eyes. Mary’s tip will really help that problem. Congrats to Mary!! She wins her choice of felting wool.

This felting tip is from Mary:

“Hi all, I’m just learning needle felting and having a little trouble getting eyes to line up. I tried using ball-head pins to position the eyes and that works good except when I have to remove pin to attach eye I sometimes lose placement. So I tried this tip: Take a thin strip of contrasting wool and place it on head to “draw” a guideline across face to help get eyes (and ears too) all lined up correctly. Lightly attach the wool line at each end to keep in place with a few pokes of the needle. Make a horizontal line and a vertical line for each eye if that helps. Do not permanently attach this wool line…it’s just a guide. Yank it out to remove it after you have your eyes sewn in (or glued).”



  1. Wow! What a surprise to find out I’ve won! As i said, I’m new at needle felting and found this helped me get things straight (pun intended)…LOL It’s going to be hard to decide which wool to select for prize but I’m sure looking forward to trying something new! Thank you Gerry!

  2. The Alpaca just arrived! Thank you very much! What a great package to receive and what interesting wool. It’s so soft and smooth. I’ve never used it before and am anxious to try felting some long haired mini pets with it. I imagine this would make beautiful doll hair also. Very happy with my prize! I know I’ll be adding this Alpaca to future shopping lists! Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Can I get one of these??


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