Posted by: gourmetfelted | October 2, 2012

Squirrel Wedding Cake Toppers~ Needle Felted by Gourmet Felted

Here are my latest Sculptures! A Bride and Groom Squirrel for Wedding Cake Toppers! I Needle Felted a Sculpture of a Gray Squirrel for the Groom and a rare white squirrel for the Bride. I created each one with a realistic look with a touch of whimsy. Made without patterns or kits.  Several days of work and much love went into these Squirrels. This is Charles A. Corn III and Isabella Nutkins…soon to be Mrs. Charles A. Corn lll.

The Groom has a felted rust silk bowtie, and a fiddle head boutonniere. He also has white silk cuffs with tiny acorn cufflinks. The Bride has a beautiful fall bouquet and mini pearl necklace. She has a cute birdcage veil.



  1. That is beyond adorable!!! Love, Love, Love!!!!

    • Thank you so much Nancy for your kind words on my squirrels! They each take many days to create. Are you a needle felter?

  2. Gerry, they are an adorable couple and so beautifully made!! I love their names too ~ So, is the wedding ceremony going to be on the beach or in the woodland setting where they had their picture taken?

    • Hi Sandy,
      I heard that it is a country wedding but I don’t have any pictures of my squirrels there yet! These pics I took in my yard!

  3. hey,
    how cute!! What is his favorite cake? thanks for sharing…

  4. Do you sell these? if yes, how much?

  5. how can I get the Squirrel Wedding Cake Toppers~ Needle Felted by Gourmet Felted. I dont wantes for the cake but instead just to give it to my future husban as a surprise. They look soooo cute. how much does it cost?

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