Posted by: gourmetfelted | April 2, 2012

Needle Felted Hedgehog~Sweet Pea not Sonic! By Gourmet Felted

Here is my latest..a cute hedgehog named Sweet Pea.  I like to create my Sculptures with a realistic look with a touch of whimsy. She is about 3 1/2 inches long. I thought that she looked cute in my spring flowers!


  1. Sweat Pea is adorable!!!

  2. Thanks Nan!
    The MAKING NOSES TUTORIAL is right below in the center list! All you need is some clay like sculpy or fimo!
    Happy Felting!

  3. Sweat Pea is wonderful. What did you use for the spines?

    • Thank you! I used imported mohair from Europe.

  4. your hedgehog is absolutely lovely and wonderful . You are really amazing, i wish i can do it so good like you. I am just a very very new felting learner.
    may i know how can you do to the hedgehog spikes?? it look soooo real.

    • Hi Tina,
      Thank you for your kind words on my hedgehog. Keep working at your sculptures and try to improve in one spot each time you make one and slowly you will get better. I have been felting for several years and I still struggle sometimes with certain details. Don’t give up! The spines are European Mohair.
      Happy Felting!

  5. Dear Gerry,
    I could never ever do this felting……you are sooo talented. The most beautiful work I have eveer seen. I am going to send Debbie the Website so she can see wha tyou are doing.

    Hugs, Janie White

    • Hi Janie,
      Thank you so much! My Mom is always talking about you!! This is just my blog. The goodies are in my shop. Please tell Debbie. I would love to talk to her! Here is the link

  6. Hi Gerry, Thank you for such a helpful and amazing blog. Your work is the epitome of what we all wish to achieve, and to think you are prepared to help all of us is just wonderful of you.
    I have a question, and I hope I have put it in the right place. I have just started needle felting and thanks to sites like this I am learning heaps. However I have wool that is like hair, straight and even. It is merino and it might be called “tops” (not sure about this but it is straight strands). When I tried to cover some core balls that I made, I found it difficult to spread evenly over the balls and it leaves lines on the balls like knitting wool when I needle felt it. Should I be mixing the wool up, pulling the strands apart and criss- crossing them etc to stop these lines or am I just doing it wrong?
    Also, I have made all the seperate components for my first bear, but they are all out of proportion, and when I tried to join the leg onto the foot (different colours) I had uneven leg wool all over the top of the foot. Any advice here? I am probably being too ambitious but that’s the way I seem to learn, by lots of big dreams and BIG mistakes. lol
    Sorry this is so long, any help would be gratefully appreciated.
    Best Wishes, Lesley from Australia.

    • Hi Leslie,
      Thank you for your kinds words on my work! Merino roving or top has been straightened and combed so that all the wool lies in one direction. If you want to cover balls with straightened roving then it would have to be mixed lightly so that the lines don’t show. You can use the lines to your advantage if you are making the topcoat of a smooth coated dog. you can layer the wool in the direction of the fur growth and felt it in. For your bear be sure to felt in the loose wool onto the next piece so that the colors don’t overlap. I hope that answers your questions. That is great that you aren’t afraid to try a complicated project! I would love to see your completed bear. Please feel free to ask any questions any time!
      Happy Felting!

  7. Did you have a piece of mohair fabric that you felted in for the hedgehog and did you only felt in the base of the fabric?

    • Hi Karen,
      I used glue so it would be secure! It could be felted in instead I guess. I use Krazy glue with the brush. The lavender colored one is great as you can see if you get any glue where it shouldn’t be then you can clean it off before it dries. I use it for the glass eyes and noses also. It dries clear. Thanks for your question!
      Happy felting!

  8. Oh so sweet, where do you get your mohair from? 🙂 xx

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