Posted by: gourmetfelted | March 9, 2012

My Needle Felted Yorkie in Treasury! By Gourmet Felted

Isn’t it amazing all the neat things that people do with wool? This is such a lovely Treasury and I’m honored to be included!

To see it closer click here.

Great for inspiration!

Happy Felting!



  1. Hi ,can you tell me what Colors wool i have to to mix for a Yorkie,

    Thank you,Simone!

    • Hi Simone,
      I don’t use wool for yorkie fur. I use silk fibers like mohair and silk and I have them custom dyed to match whatever yorkie I want to create as some are lighter than others. I would say that on a typical yorkie I would use a steel gray with some light silver highlights that are felted on in then layers… not mixed. Then I would use some ginger brown in different shades for the rest. I would highlight it with some silver and cream on the chest. I hope that helps! Happy Felting!

      • Thank you!

        Greetings from germany!

  2. Hi gerry,
    First of all, thanks for all the information that you share in you blog because it is very helpfull.Your yorkie is very lovely as all your needle felted works.I found your blog searching for how to create a yorkie fur, a very daring fo a begginner like me. I have read that you use silk fiber and mohair. Please could you tell me any website where I can buy them? I am spanish and I don’t know any physical store where I can get them. Thak you for you help and congratulations for your work

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