Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 28, 2011

BEST FELTING NEEDLES!! I use only these!! Gerry of Gourmet Felted

QUESTION: Do felting Needles get dull and have to be replaced?

ANSWER: YES! They do get dull, but there is no formula as to when to replace them! It all depends on the wool that you use, your style of felting, the pad, and time involved. If it seems to take longer to felt than it used to, then it is time for NEW needles. My first felting needle lasted 3 months and I used it all the time. Now I ONLY use DELUXE SUPER DUPER felting needles made by Kay Petal! They are TERRIFIC! They have a nice soft handle to grip so the needle doesn’t dent your finger! You can felt lots longer this way! AND now she has DOUBLES!! Yes two needles in one handle! Great for felting areas TWO times FASTER!

She even color codes them so you always know which is which. The are TOTALLY worth the money and they will spoil you!!LOL! She calls them Super Duper and they DO live up to the name!

Tell her Gerry sent you! Happy Felting!



  1. Just ordered some Gerri,, I will let you know what I think. Can’t wait to receive them. Thanks

  2. I’m sure that you will LOVE them! They also seem to stay sharp for a long time!

  3. Hi Gerri my name is Joni, I really need to buy for my felting nose for my dogs can you help me on how to fine them, thank you

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