Posted by: gourmetfelted | November 5, 2011

Adding EYES to Needle Felted Dogs by Gerry of Gourmet Felted


I use glass eyes with a loop to sew on. I tried making a hole and fasten them with a few stitches but they keep sticking out. I tried pulling them in the holes and make a knot, they disappear almost in the head then but after a while they pop out again and don’t stay in the holes but on top of the surface, it just doesn’t look good.
What am I doing wrong? Gluing is a bit difficult, as my hands are not very steady and I get the glue mostly everywhere except where it should be….


I rarely use those kind of eyes. You do have two options:
I would cut the loop off and just glue them on OR you could take an exacto blade and slice a slit in the wool.  Be VERY careful that you don’t get cut! Add glue to the loop and stick in in the cut wool.  This also works for eyes that have a post attached as in photo. I also use Krazy glue to glue the eyes and noses. It has a little brush in the cap, so it is MUCH easier to use and it takes longer to dry out after you  start to use it. The top never gets clogged either.  It is a purple liquid that dries clear. You just remove the cap and slide the brush on the lip of the container to take the extra glue off. Apply to the eye and glue quickly to the spot. It dries almost instantly, so you have to put it right in the slit after applying the glue. Be sure to apply the glue to the BACK of the eye only as it does make the glass eyes cloudy which takes away the shine.

I always apply the glue to the back of the eye. If you put the glue on the wool, it soaks right in and you have to put it on a few times to get the wool wet enough to adhere to anything. Then you have to hold whatever you are gluing in place for a minute or so as it takes longer for the saturated wool to dry. I also use the Krazy glue formula that is purple. That way if it accidentally gets some where it shouldn’t be, you can quickly wipe it off as you can see it. The purple does dry clear.  Be sure to felt a little hollow to glue the eye into so it isn’t sitting on the surface.  I hope this helps!

I get all of my eyes from Please tell him Gerry sent you! Thanks!

I hope this helps!!

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