Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 16, 2011

Best WHISKERS for Needle Felting~Gourmet Felted~ Tip of the Week!

Finding fiber that is fine enough for our felted sculptures is important if your whiskers are to be in the right scale to your sculpture! Horse mane or tail hair is sometimes used, but the hairs are still too thick for smaller sculptures.


Use MINI horse mane hair.  This is from a miniature horse that is only 32 inches tall!!It is delicate and fine enough to look just right. Here is an example of a lovely bit of mane in various colors so it can be used for more dozens of projects! Exceptionally fine!

more details here:

More details in my Adding Whiskers post. Scroll down for my posts on whiskers.

Happy Felting!



  1. one of my favorite whisker thing has been the left over cello bowstring hairs we were given when we had my daughter’s cello bow restrung… it’s finer than regular horsehair and with the resin used by cellists, it stays in place better. What am I going to do when I run out? Guess I’ll have to go to the instrument shop here in town and ask them to save me more!

    • Hi Bettina,
      Thanks for your comment! Great idea for whiskers!

  2. I used mini-horse hair on a stuffed leather beaded fetish pony I made for my daughter years ago. The mane hair came from her Mini–named Spirit.

    I used to use regular horse hair and I still do for larger projects, but I find the mini is so nice to work with. That softness you pointed out is wonderful–yet it’s strong enough to hold up. Of course there are always the amazing colors that you find with any horse. I love the stuff, and it’s a renewable resource! The little buggers are so hairy they need mane and tail trimming often!

    Side note: Pony hair is coarse like a horse. A mini-horse is not a pony, so don’t get the two mixed up when you go to visit a breeder and ask for hair!

  3. Hi Christine,
    I’m glad to see that you have also found mini horse hair to be in scale to our felted sculptures! I have also used acrylic hair from wigs for whiskers as it is even finer ! Happy Felting!

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