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NEEDLE FELTED SHEEP KIT TUTORIAL~ by Gerry Of Gourmet Felted~Questions?

So how are your sheep coming along?  Did you finish one? I’d love to see it and will post it here if you like! Sent pics to

This little cutie was made by a total beginner! She fashioned after a picture of one of the ancient breeds of sheep in Israel!  Didn’t she do a great job?

Are you stumped? I’d be happy to help! Here is a recent question asked :

I have started my sheep. I got the wire body part right. Then I did a little felting on a piece of the green wool; made a little ball. Now I want to start the sheep. I printed out the tutorial but I’m a little confused when you say “wrap” the wool around the body. Am I supposed to be wrapping a piece around one section and then using the needle to secure it? How much of a piece? I am just starting out with this so I may be asking a lot of questions; some that may be stupid.
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By: Julie on February 10, 2010
at 3:26 pm



Hi Julie,
ALWAYS remember…there is no such thing as a stupid question. Every question answered can bring more knowledge and that’s a good thing. Maybe someone else has the same question, so you help them also by asking….so it is good to ask questions!!
Yes, you take a piece of wool that is about 4 inches long by one inch wide and not too thick, and wrap it around the body snugly. Then you take the #36 coarse needle and secure it by felting ALL over the wool until it doesn’t move on the wire. It is best to add layers and felt it on and add another layer and felt it on rather than adding one huge blob layer. It is harder to felt it like that.

After the back is done, you can do the legs. Take a piece of wool about 3 inches long and 1/3 inch wide than THINLY wrap the wire on the legs. Be sure that you curled the tips of the legs into little C’s so you don’t get poked by the wire. The biggest mistake with felted sculptures are the legs being WAY too thick. It is hard to get the legs thin enough, so don’t give up. ALWAYS know where the tip of the needle is. You can be concentrating on the wool so much and then OUCH!!! those needles are super sharp!!
TIP: peroxide on a Qtip dabbed on the wool removes any blood!!
Don’t give up. After a while, you get the feel of it and don’t poke your fingers. Some people use thimbles which I still use went doing the feet so I don’t get poked.
PLEASE feel free to ask any questions! Thanks again for purchasing my needle felted sheep kit!



  1. I have been looking at this site for over an hour! I would like to make a needlefelt sculpture of my chocolate labradoodle. What type of wool do you use to get the spirals? He has a fleece coat that hung in ringlets when he was a puppy. His adult coat is spirals, but the are much larger than as a pup.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jenny,
      Welcome to my blog! So glad that you found me! I would use these specially dyed mini curly wool to make a chocolate labradoodle.

      They are so small that they are the perfect scale for a 3 to 4 inch needle felted dog! It is hard to find. Thanks for asking!

  2. where /how can I reach the actual tutorials on dogs, hedgehogs etc. I’d like to learn and share with my students.

  3. My Needle Felted Sheep Tutorial is intended for people who purchased my needle felted sheep kit at
    If i do make another tutorial, it will probably be for sale as a PDF as there are many hours that go into making a tutorial, and I can’t afford the time right now. Thank you for your interest~
    Happy Felting!

  4. Oh, I found it!!

  5. Terrific!

  6. Hi Gerry,

    I clicked on needle felted hedgehog and get the sheep, i must be doing something wrong??
    Sorry for being so stupid but im not that good on the computer…..

    • I’m not sure what you did but I do have more than one tag on items to make them easier to find!

  7. Hi, I would like to felt a little hedgehog for a friend, and none of the patterns I’ve found are that nice. YOU, however, have a darling hedgehog (of course I can’t remember where…think it was posted in 2009.) What did you use for the prickles on its back? You said it was yarn, but what sort, and how did you do it? I like that it sticks up and looks “prickly”. 🙂 Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Welcome to my blog! Yes I do use yarn for the prickles on my hedgehogs. It is the furry kind and it is glued on.

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