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My Needle Felted Yorkie in TEDDY BEAR REVIEW MAGAZINE!! BY Gerry of Gourmet Felted

I have had the honor of being published in one of the most prestigious National magazines called TEDDY BEAR REVIEW!! This magazine features the most talented teddy bear and soft sculpture artists! The article is called HEARTFELT MINIS and my Chinese Crested, Maltese, and Yorkie were included.  Here’s a preview!

What would you like to tell collectors about your creations?

“Tiffany” is an adorable tiny Yorkie, who fits in the palm of  Geraldine Santos’s hand.GS: My needle-felted creations are made with love. They are all one-of-a-kind, unique works of art. I use a wire armature inside all my sculptures for strength and posing ability. The core is firmly felted for durability. I use lovely fibers such as alpaca, wool, silk, mohair, angora, llama, camel down, even cashmere. These are gourmet fibers, hence my [eBay] name, gourmet_felted.  (Gfelted  for short on Etsy.) I carefully match your pet’s fur color, shine and texture with the perfect fibers. Many times, several shades are blended together or layered to create realism and depth. I use glass eyes and I sculpt the noses for each dog. They also have the cutest paw pads! My initials “GS” are on the tummy in tiny letters, showing that this is an original artist sculpture made by me. All my sculptures also come with a photo certificate of authenticity, signed by me, with a description. I am extremely fussy with all my sculptures and include as many details as possible so my sculptures will look just like your precious pet—made for you, from the heart!

Thanks for looking! Click on the link for the entire article.


  1. What fabulous dogs! I’ve never tried needle felting but I know it is very time consuming and fiddly. I can almost hear them barking (well, yapping!). Well done on having your work featured in a magazine – it’s always good to get recognition!

    • Hi Joanna,
      Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for your kind words on my dogs. Yours are amazing too! I never thought that paper mache could look so refined! Usually it is lumpy. Do you sand it to smooth it?

  2. Hello Gerry! I’ve admired your work for a long time! I love your blog too — so informative! I’m fairly new to needle felting and have made several dogs. I offered to teach a needle felted dog class for the dog training center I belong to, as a fundraiser, and 16 people signed up!! And, they all have long haired dogs. I’m fine with short haired dogs but am not so sure about long haired dogs. I have a bunch of C-1 wool but that’s not going to work. I see that you like Romney, and the alpaca looks good (the photos you’ve posted), and I think some of the merino roving would be good for longer feathers and things, BUT exactly how should I tack it down? I’ve seen the technique where you take some wool and needle felt down the middle, then brush over and it fluffs out — so it could be cut and shaped — is that how you did the Maltese in your avatar photo? But what about the pomeranian and the longer yorkie hair?

    Sorry for all the questions….. I posted a plea for help on Felting Forum, but then I thought of you!

    Thanks for everything — elise

  3. Hi Elise,

    Welcome to my blog!
    Thank you for your kind words on my dogs. How long have you been needle felting?
    There is no such thing as TOO many questions! How else can a person learn something new?

    There are two methods that I use for attaching the fur.
    1) In the center with the two ends unattached and
    2) felted on one end with the other end unattached.
    It is best to use a pinch at a time as every area will be doubled as the fur is attached in the center. Too much fur on a sculpture isn’t becoming.

    I do use different fibers depending on the breed. Alpaca is good for dogs that don’t have a silky coat like a yorkie. It has a natural tiny crimp in it, so it totally matches fur like poms, shelties, collies, shepherds, double coated dogs etc.

    Did you read about blending the fibers together? This alpaca has about 5 colors, but more can be made from it by blending. Also you should start with #36 coarse needles and coarse wool as that is best for beginners. Merino is usually (sadly)included needle felting kits which is a very fine wool and hard to felt. I rarely use merino…it is good for short coated dogs with a shine. You have to be careful when you put it on though as it can look like stripes wrapped about the dog.

    Please stress NOT to comb or brush the fur after felted. Felted fiber is felted in, not glued, so it will pull out if yanked. Do not pull out stray hairs. Always trim with scissors. I give these grooming instructions with every dog except short coats.

  4. Grooming:
    After you have attached all the fur on it needs to be groomed. This sometimes takes me 30 minutes! Use a large sewing needle to gently “comb” the fur in place. Comb a little, trim a little, comb, trim, etc.

    I do put hair everywhere except on the tummy! I add a little wisp over that! So in reality, when you are making a long coated dog…you have to felt it TWICE! Once to make the base core and them again ALL over with felting in the fur. It shoul be felted in about 1/4 inch and if you gently pull on it, it shouldn’t come out. If it does, it either isn’t felted in far enough, OR the felted core isn’t solid enough. If you push on it with your finger, there shouldn’t be a dent. If there is…it is tooo soft to felt into and won’t hold the fur!
    I usually take TWO hours to make a core!
    Happy Felting!

  5. I’m getting into needle felting, but I have no idea how to add long hair!!!, I could really do with watching a video to help, anyone know of any such videos? ps I love the little yorkshire terrier!! I’d love to make one just like him!

  6. Hi Jack,
    Welcome to my blog! I’m not sure about videos..perhaps there is one on Needle Felting Forum. I do have several posts on adding fur. Look below in CATEGORIES. In the third column and click on FELTING FUR. There are a few posts there and the last one is on long fur. Happy felting!

  7. Hello. I would like to know if you do any other breeds and also if your dogs are available to buy. yours Etc Ged Calland

  8. Hi Gerad,
    I create sculptures of all breeds. You can see over one hundred examples of my work in my shop.

    I have an order list and this is an excellent time of year to purchase before I get swamped with orders for the holidays.

    Thank you for your interest!

  9. Such a functional web log…wow !!!!

  10. Good morning!! I am trying to add a signature or initials to my sculptures, but cannot find a good way to do it… how do you add yours?? Embroidery stitches… tags… wool??? I have a hard time keeping it small enough for my critters! Any advice would be hugely appreciated!!!

    • Hi Kenya,
      I use a permanent fine tip felt pin and then felt it into the wool so it is indented and reapply more ink if needed. I have also used wool for the letters especially if signing a black dog as ink wouldn’t on black. You can sign your work anyway that you like best. I like signing the piece directly as other ways like tags can be removed and then if you loose the tag..who made it?
      My .02 cents! LOL! I hope that is helpful!
      Happy Felting!

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