Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 6, 2009


weimaraner 016

  1. Congratulations on your little pup, it is wonderful as always.

    I have a couple of questions, lol. First how do I post a question on the “Your questions answered page”? I didn’t see a response box on the main page.

    Second, when you are making a dog that is a breed you are not personally familiar with, what references do you use to get the correct proportions? I search the breed standard, look at tons of photos, but, I haven’t found anywhere that list things like correct length of body to leg length. Or head sits X inches from body, length of neck. I can find many wonderful reference books on human structure, but not breed specific.

    By: Linda on September 6, 2009
    at 6:01 pm

    ANSWER: 1. You can ask a question anywhere as it gets sent to me email so I see it right away!

  2. I look at the breed standard. The HEIGHT is always the withers, not the top of the head. Many times the description will give you clues….like body twice as long as height or equal length and height. I gather a bunch of photos on my computer and make a file for that breed. Then I find a picture that is the size that I want the sculpture to be and then felt it to match.  Hold up your sculpture next to the picture, and adjust it as necessary. I really don’t know where you could find  measurements of the body. Wouldn’t that make our job easier! HAPPY FELTING!


  1. Thanks so much, I was so confused about where to ask the questions. You are so much help, and I found the questions, just no way to ask lol.

    I found a very specific reference for the Great Dane I am making. They give height, and then reference every thing off of that so I was able to figure it out.

    It makes it so much easier when making the armatures to know the approximate relations for leg lengths and such.

    I am making a full brindled Dane, working hard to make the pattern appear random and not placed LOL.

    Thanks again for all your kindness and help in sharing your experience and talent with us.


  2. Glad that I could help! I’d love to see your finished Dane!

  3. Gerry, I will be sure to post him, have you done many brindles? I would love to see how you did there coat. I looked thru your pictures but didn’t see one. My eye site is terrible on line though so I might have missed any. I finished a little pug, I will send you a picture of him if you like.

  4. Hi Linda,
    I have done long coated brindles, and blue merle, but that’s not the same as brindle. I think that I would mix up the colors off the dog and then lay in on. Would that work? You can send me pics anytime! I’d love to see them!

  5. I should have him finished by tomorrow afternoon or evening. I will be sure to send pictures. I tried a completely new way, I look forward to your suggestions once you see him lol. I have done a number of merles and a couple of sable long coats, which is real close to a brindle long coat, but the Dane is so short. I think it looks okay, but would love all constructive criticism.

  6. I’ll be looking forward to seeing him! HAPPY FELTING!!

  7. Thanks Gerry, I hope you liked him.

  8. I know the question and comments are several years old but the book, Fleece Dog by Sinco has measurement for several breeds in a certain ration that you could adjust accordingly. Thanks Gerry for your website wish I could have found it before starting as you answer sooo many questions that I have.

    • Hi Kim,
      Welcome to my site! I LOVE that book! That was the first and only book that I ever bought to get started needle felting. The pictures are so cute! I have changed my technique a lot since that book but it got me started! Thank you for your reply! Happy Felting!

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