Posted by: gourmetfelted | September 2, 2009


5651_577088827719_51804484_33797043_212206_n ALL of these NOW and THEN entries show such huge improvements..they really are ALL winners!! What do you think?

Who has improved the most?

Just leave your vote in a comment below. Thanks!

This is Jonah with his mini self that I made of him!



  1. Hello, just spent 45 minutes looking through your photostream pics. I love so many of your animals. I had to look twice at the brussels griffon to see which was the sculpture!! (the true test of fabulous!!!)

    Love the deerhound and the beautiful coat on the shelty. You did such a wonderful job on all your sculptures.

    WOuld you mind giving us a guide to the size of eyes to purchase for each size animal? I mean

    ā€ for one inch use ? sized eyes, up to three inches use? sized. 3 to 5 inches use ? size.ā€ ect.

    I wanted to order from the seller you have listed but am overwhelmed by the options!! Thanks marsha kay

  2. Congratulations on your little pup, it is wonderful as always.

    I have a couple of questions, lol. First how do I post a question on the “Your questions answered page”? I didn’t see a response box on the main page.

    Second, when you are making a dog that is a breed you are not personally familiar with, what references do you use to get the correct proportions? I search the breed standard, look at tons of photos, but, I haven’t found anywhere that list things like correct length of body to leg length. Or head sits X inches from body, length of neck. I can find many wonderful reference books on human structure, but not breed specific.

  3. Please see separate posts for the answer to these two questions. Thanks!

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