Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 16, 2009



Hi Gerry! Congratulations on your one year Anniversary!!!

When I read about your Then and Now contest I knew I had to enter because my very first little felting attempt

was soooo ugly!haha


It’s supposed to be a cat, but looks more like a one-eyed fox. Yes, I only managed to give it ONE eye!LOL

Although not much in the way of looks my poor little kitty was enough of a result to encourage me to keep trying.  Thankfully I’ve come a long way!


My Teddies are more recent Felties.  I love how they can be dressed in the adorable OOAK doll clothes so many of my creative friends make.  I have attached a picture of a grouping of them.

I have learned that the creative possibilities of Needle Felting seem endless! I’ve had so much fun experimenting with new ideas and seeing the fun and creative things other artists come up with too.

Thank you for your blog and all of the wonderful tips and artwork you feature here! xo~ Lisa Haldeman


  1. Hi Lisa, What an improvement! Poor little one eyed kitty! That is so wonderful that you kept at it and now look at your gorgeous teddies in their cute clothes! Lovely!
    Thank you for your entry!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    When I read your entry, I had to laugh! LOLOL Your one-eyed cat is as funny as my Chuhuahua (even tho my chi had 2 eyes! LOLOL) You really have come a long way with your teddies! They are adorable! This was a GREAT contest! Its so funny to look at all the “VERY FIRSTS” and compare to how things really start to take shape after some practice! Great enty I just love it! LOLOL Lynn Holley

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