Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 13, 2009


bitsy the yorkie (2)ruby1 (25)rubyy (5)Hi Gerry,
Bitsy was my 1st yorkie in a nutshell done about 8 years ago maybe?  and Ruby is a more current version both tiny around 1″. The “basket of joy” (i just love my old titles) was one of my first yorkies ever, done around 10 years ago I believe. and then of course Violet was from last week.


Out of all of the different types of art that I have tried, my favorite by far has to be needle felting. I still love to paint and sculpt with clay but there is something about needle felting and soft sculptures that is so much more rewarding for me. Needle felting is a long and tedious process and I think that’s why it’s not for everyone, most of my friends who are artists have tried it and don’t have the patience for it, maybe that’s why I like it, it takes self discipline and is almost a form of meditation for me. Plus of course I love the fact that you can create something that can look so real and have so much personality and still be so soft to the touch.


basket of joybasket of joy (6)violet (5)violet in set (10)



  1. Even your “then” versions are quite good! Weren’t we just SO PROUD of those first felties!! We were so thrilled that we made a dog out of a pile of fluff and with a NEEDLE no less!!LOL!!

    I could never do those itty bitty one inch dogs! I don’t know how you can make them so small. Your Violet is precious! I’m sure that your yorkie is your inspiration! Thank you for your entry!

  2. Amber, I am awed by your talent. I tried to make a tiny chi once so I know it is extremely difficult. You not only make them tiny, but with so much detail, what a wonderful talent. Do you do other sizes as well?

  3. Thanks so much Gerry and Linda! Yes my little Yorkies have always been such an inspiration although I am inspired by all critter and wildlife as well. I like to create sculptures in all sizes, the largest I’ve created was around 16″ long, but my average is around 3-4″. The tiny ones are tough, lots of finger pokes but I just love making them, it’s such a challenge. Thanks again!!! 😉

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