Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 13, 2009


fish butterfly in coral 1 of 4fish butterfly in coral 2 of 4fish butterfly in coral 3 of 4

beagle animated


This is a needle felted scene of 3 butterfly fish – I like this item so much, I can’t part with it –

Here is my first feltie. It was an animated beagle.

I first saw needle felting on a tv show and thought I might give it a try (this was around june 2007) – I searched the internet to find out what all I needed – then I gave it a try – I was soon hooked on needle felting – I listed my first needle felted critter in october 2007 and I haven’t stopped – if you wish to see more of my work, they are listed under my ebay ID richardf280



  1. Hi Richard,
    It is so great to hear from a GUY doing needle felting! That is wonderful that you kept up with it! It is hard to believe that beagle was your first! That was a great job!! REALLY!
    I can see why you would want to keep the butterfly fish ! It truly is a lovely piece. It must have taken many, many hours. I see that you even felted the coral! Amazing!! Thank you for your entry! HAPPY FELTING!

  2. Richard, they are both so good I think you could interchange them. You have a wonderful natural talent, the beagle has such a sweet expressive face and the butterfly fish are terrific.

  3. hello, thank you for your kind words, its really nice to hear – as a child I was always drawing then I got into those paint by numbers (1960’s 1970’s) this is where I learned about shading – then I started oil painting (wildlife and landscapes) – then I started wood carving then clay sculptures and now wool needle felting – wool needle felting doesn’t take up a lot of space nor does it need expensive tools (my kind of craft) – I’ve always made wildlife, as a child I would walk deep into the woods and sit and watch the wildlife.

  4. That’s such a nice story. Good ole paint by numbers!!LOL!! Do they still even make those? I loved watching animals too. I used to have a sketch pad with me always!

    I noticed that people who sculpted in other mediums really take to needle felting. That’s probably why your beagle is so amazing for a beginner and even an advanced person!!

  5. Beautiful work on both your Beagle and the fish. Some people just have that natural raw talent and you are one of them, your work was great right from the start! I just did a fish / aquarium scene not too long ago, they are tough, you did a beautiful job.

  6. if ya’ al dont stop – your gonna make my head swell so big – i wont be able pull my shirt off over my head, nor wear my hat lol

  7. Now that would really make a funny feltie!!

  8. a scary one too

  9. Do you have an aquarium?

  10. no – no aquarium

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