Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 13, 2009


Kitty on bedLisa's dragon

The kitty is my first ever feltie.  I bought a kit on Ebay because I had seen so many wonderful felted pieces and wanted to try my hand at this.  I had never even heard about needle felting until then.  The kitty is about 3 inches tall and is soft felted with no armature.
The dragon is a present I just finished for my daughter.  It is about 7.5 inches tall and is felted on an armature with jointed head.
I have learned to felt on an armature, make polymer clay claws and teeth, make my core very firm and to take my time.  I learned how to make the legs of my felties thinner and more life like.  Also to look for unusual items to use in my felties to make them unique.
I learned not to be afraid to make changes along the way and to really cherish the time I can find to felt.  It has taught me patience and also to be more aware of all the tiny details in everyday items.
Linda M.


  1. Hi Linda,
    Isn’t it amazing how our felties improve over time? Love your dragon! Thank you for your entry!

  2. Thank you Gerry for giving us this wonderful venue to discuss needle felting. I try to read your blog all the time, I have been going back thru the older posts, I have really learned a lot from your site, thanks again.

  3. Wow Linda, these are both amazing! Even your first feltie was adorable! But I can see how much you’ve grown with all of the detail in that wonderful dragon. AMAZING!

  4. Thank you Amber, I love making my felties look as real as possible. I just finished a little Chinese Pug and I thought I would never get his wrinkles just right.

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