Posted by: gourmetfelted | August 13, 2009


HI Gerry!
Boy! How time flies when your having fun! LOLOL
Here are some pics of chihuahua's taken in about
 a 8 month span! The chi with the crocheted green
 sweater is my second dog ever made
(which my Mother is the proud owner of)
 Boy... was I EVER proud of that dog too!
 The chi with the blue sweater is my Now photo!
 Can you see a difference? hahaha! I've been
needle felting about 8 months now and just love it!
 Every time I start a new project I learn something new!
So much can be done with the little felties....
just let your imagination run!
Yes....I have good days and what I call bad days
where the wool has a mind of its own!
 I want to Thank Gerry for always being there to
 help and lift spirits!
Needle felting has become the joy of my life now...
with lots more to come!

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  1. GREAT PROGRESS!! You are an inspiration for new felters! I love that you dress up your dog. That’s nice that your mom loves your little dog as is. Good ole moms! They are our best cheerleaders!! Keep up the great work!! Thank you for your entry!

    • Many thanks to you Gerry…for all the help and inspiration too! No one should ever give up! It goes with the saying “Practice makes perfect”! The more you practice and work on felties, the more you learn and it becomes more of a natural feeling! Neddle felting is a joy for me! (A special thanks to my MOM too, who loves her little chi dearly. hahahahha!)

  2. Lynn, they are both adorable, I love the look on the face of your new one. What a great idea to felt the sweater for the chi. Is it made on the dog or did you make it separately so it is removeable? It is wonderful, and I love the color.

    • Hi Linda!
      Thankyou so much for your comment! I haven’t been felting real long but I already found out, its so much easier to felt the sweater onto the dog while I’m making it rather than try to make a removeable sweater! LOLOL Maybe someday! hahahaha! The first chi…I crochet the sweater in pieces and applied it as I put the chi together! Boy! So much can be done with needle felting…I’m just now touching the iceburg! Yiiiiippppppeeeee! Have a great day!

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