Posted by: gourmetfelted | June 15, 2009


treasury may 2009 chow chow Here is my cute little Chow Chow that was featured in a recent Treasury on Etsy. Her name is LI MING

and she has the cutest blue tongue as Chow Chows have!



  1. Congrats, gal! That Chow is STUNNING!!! I wish I had time to try etsy. . . Not enough hours. . . sigh. . .

  2. Hello Gerry
    Congratulations! your chow is Really Adorable I love all your animals that you do they are sooo nicely done. Is etsy a better place to sell your work than ebay? Ginette

  3. Etsy is very slow. I have one or two sales a month. There are too many people selling there and practicallt giving their work away no charging anything for labor. It makes it so much harder to get a fair price for a sculpture. I like ebay as it is much more well known.

  4. I was going to open an Etsy shop but others that I know have said the same thing, that it is overrun with sellers trying to sell and can’t get anything for their VERY hard work. I’m upset with Ebay because their fees are getting kind of high. Anything that I’m making right now is being saved for an upcoming local festival. I don’t forsee myself becoming a millionaire anytime soon by selling my goodies! Kind of sucks!!!!!!!

  5. Thank You Gerry and Lori for your answer about etsy well I guess I will stay with ebay but so far I haven’t got any luck in selling my felties I think I ask too much for the starting price so I was thinking of starting low and put a reverve price. I finally finish a siamese cat I hope I will sell it this time. Ginette

  6. This is a REALLY hard time of year to sell anything…even when the economy was good! Things will pick up again in the fall for the holiday shopping crowd. til then….

  7. Congrats from me, too, Gerry. It is no small feat to be placed in a treasury. Beautiful Chow!

  8. Thank you so much Alice! I haven’t been on the front page…yet!! Thanks so much for your comment!!!! You made my day!!

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