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you may ask this question…I did. Then I found out all the neat things about felted soap.

1) it has it’s own facecloth!

2) it is a great exfoliator. It gently washes off old skin, leaving new fresher skin!

3)it is really pretty!

4)it makes the soap not slippery

5)the soap will last longer

6) the wool pouch shrinks with the soap and when the soap is gone you have a neat wool mini pouch for potpourri or change!!LOL!

Felted soap is a great summer time project to do outside with the kids!! GOOD CLEAN FUN!!pun intended!!LOL!

After you WET FELTย  on wool around the soap in the prettiest colors, you can even NEEDLE FELT a design on it.









  1. Hi Gerry!
    This sounds like so much fun! I’m new to needle felting and always up to learning and creating new things! A felted soap tutorial, a little time to create some, and a contest to see all the bright ideas people come up with would be wonderul! Sounds like a lot of fun! I’m game! LOLOL Lynn

  2. Long time, no see, my dear friend! I LUV felting over soap and giving it as “last minute” or not last minute gifts! I’m even guilty of getting inexpensive but nice-smelling soaps at the Dollar Tree and using them to felt over. Sometimes you can get up to four bars either round or square! It all sounds like total fun, fun fun!!!!

  3. Hi Lori,
    What have you been up too? Have you ever needle felted a design on felted soap? I saw some of those and they were too cute to use!!LOL!!

  4. I’ve been trying to survive the economic disaster!!! I think I have some skin left on my teeth. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, felted soaps are WAY too cute to use! The design options, however, are limitless. You can use solid colors of different hues on several different soaps and it looks so sweet in a dish; you can of course add different colors of wool on the same bar; you can make stripes and swirls, etc. I think it’s fun to use all natural undyed wool of different shades too. Really earthy!

  5. Hello All,
    I want to learn!!! I already make soap … this would be a great variation. I also have no idea how to “needle felt” a design on the felted soap.
    Any info/instructions would be appreciated!!!

  6. Oooops – me again. I forgot to check the box to “subscribe” to this topic. (sorry) ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Tracey!
    Welcome to my blog! That is so neat that you make your own soap! What kind do you make? Do you have a website? You don’t have to subcribe to the felted soap topic. Just be sure to check back to see a tutorial. Have a great day!

  8. I have been trying to resist wool felting….don’t ask me why ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like so much fun, and one more thing to buy supplies for ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a felted bar of soap that I got excited about and bought, turns out it’s not the greatest smelling bar of soap. I would LOVE to know how to felt a nice bar of lavender or rose soap.
    Your blog is so inspiring and wonderful! My friend Pat gave me your link!
    ~*~ Patty

  9. Hi Patty,
    Welcome to my blog! It is so easy to make felted soap..even kids can do it! Actually it is a fun project to do with kids. Definitely good, clean fun!LOL!! Do you have any roving wool?

  10. Hi Gerry – Thanks for the warm welcome!
    Hello to Lynn, Lori, and Patty too!!
    My husband and I are beekeepers so we make honey soaps. My current favorite is honey shea butter, (Patty- we have made a nice honey lavender before using lavender essential oil and beautiful lavender buds, I’ll have to try a rose scented as well!). We make cold process (the good old fashioned way) and decorative molded soaps (melt and pour) nice as guest soaps. As you can probably tell – it can be addicting!!! We don’t have a web site but would like to some day. This was a hobby that has taken on a life of it’s own!! (I’m sure each of you can relate!!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tracey, I have always wanted to keep bees! Gerry, how cool that you used to!!! I and my brother are thinking about maybe getting bees next spring and giving it a try. The honey, the comb, the wax is just so useful! I would probably eat all of the honey before I could ever get to use it for anything else.

  11. I would love to learn how to felt soap! I’m hoping that a tutorial is in the making? I’m new to felting but loving it, very relaxing…until I poke my finger, ha-ha!

    Sounds like a wonderful project for gift giving. And Tracey your soaps sound perfect for such a project, yummy scents! A nice quality bar of soap is probably the way to go so Tracey you are ahead of the game.

  12. Hi Tracey,
    I used to be a beekeeper myself. That is such an interesting profession! Do you sell honey or pollinate fields/crops with your bees?

    I would LOVE to try some of your honey shea soap! Do you sell them? Do you have any samples? If you want to make felted soap, a simple shape is best as any detailing in the soap is covered over. Actually the oops!! soaps are good for know..the ones that have flaws. You can make them into a beautiful felted soap even if the shape or surface comes out odd!. That way no soap is wasted! I sell on Etsy and it is only .20 cents to list an item for three months! You should try selling some soap there. Soap is a big seller and I’m sure that a natural honey one would be popular! I’d get some from you! Setting up a shop on etsy is extremely easy and I even help people with their banners! Do you have a name for your soap business/hobby?

  13. I wrote a comment earlier…I don’t know where it went ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not here, strange. Anyway, I for one would love a tutorial on felting soap. I would have thought the needle would break as you felt onto the bar??? So obviously am wanting to know how it’s done. I’m a new felter but truly enjoy it. Tracey the fragrances of your soaps sound perfect. I too would be interested if you decided to sell them. The thought of the scents and felting just make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi Michelle, When a person comments on a blog for the first time, the comment has to be approved before posting. Once it’s approved, then all of your future comments will automatically be posted immediately. If you felt a design into the wool that you felted on the outside of the soap, the soap will be soft from being wet. Also you would use a coarse needle which would have added strength. The very hard French milled soaps would of course be poor candidates for needle felting a design on as they would be too hard. That is a good question though that others were probably wondering about! Thanks again for your comment!

  15. Hi Everyone!!
    Thank you all for the encouraging words!! I don’t have any soap “ready” right now … it has to cure for several weeks (and I haven’t been very dedicated to keeping production steady … so
    I’ve created a lull. We have 4 kids and summer is full of other activities!!) but as soon as I have some I will send samples for each of you to test out!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll get addresses when I have something to send.
    I’m not much of a “business person” Michelle, but maybe Etsy would be a good idea. We call our product Island Gold (we live on an island in southeastern lower Michigan).
    As for keeping bees Lori … you do have to work at it – but I bet that you’ll love it … do you agree Gerry?

  16. I would love to try some of your island gold!! Yes bees are work but so interesting in the process! We used to raise queen bees and put a little bee egg in royal jelly and it would grow into a queen. They had to be in a little cage until they were moved to their new hive or the first queen hatched would kill all the other queens! The baby bees were so cute too with their furry little bodies. I loved it…plus you get yummy honey!!

  17. This sounds so interesting. I would be interested in seeing how it is done.

    • Hi Linda,
      Making felted soap is really easy and a fun craft to do with children. You lay the wool on the soap in thin layers and wet it and rub, rub, rub. Add a little in the areas that the soap shows. After a while the wool is permanently tangled together, and the soap is incased in wool! . At this point is is finished but you can also decorate it further by needle felting a little more wool on. It makes a very special soap!
      Happy Felting!

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