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ebay 818


Congratulations Lynn! You are the winner! Your entry shows creativity, with an unusual  twist! Love this cute pig!

The little pink detailing is so sweet as is her cute hooves.  She also has a very sweet expression on  her face. I think that she knows that she is PRETTY IN PINK!!

***THANKS SO MUCH to all the people who participated in the last contest. There were so many wonderful needle felted sculptures…I wish that I could give you all a prize!!! But the real prize is that you created something and you shared it with others. You had the courage and generosity to do that. It is so heart warming to see all of your precious creations and some from people who are just starting. You should all be very proud!! ALL OF YOU ARE REALLY WINNERS:)

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  1. Congratulations to Lynn!
    Molly is very very Cute and
    and YES she is pretty in PINK ;)!

    • OMG! OMG! I THANKYOU and MOLLY THANKS YOU! Not only has Molly turned about 5 shades of pink…I think I have too! LOLOL I do want to thank Gerry for all her help! Not only has her blog helped me tremendously….She is always available to answere any questions and work with you on a one on one basis! My many Thanks to you Gerry from the bottom of Molly’s little silver heart! LOLOL Lynn

  2. Congrats, Lynn. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady or pig!


    • Thankyou so much Alice! I am just so honored! Your donkey was amazing so were all the other GREAT entries! Keep up your excellent work on your wonderful puppies! I haven’t attempted the long hairs yet! LOLOL

  3. How sweet – this little pig was definitely the best entry. It is the sweetest little pig I’ve seen. Love the little sweater – I haven’t quite mastered needle felted clothes yet so any topics on that subject will be gratefully read by me 🙂

    • Thankyou so much Liz on your wonderful comment for Molly! You really made her BLUSH! LOLOL Molly’s pink sweater was actually the easiest thing about Molly! LOLOL Once I had Molly completed I just added small amounts at a time of pink wool to form the sweater look right on her body! Its not removeable so it was fairly easy! Good luck in your needle felting! Isn’t it FUN! LOLOL Lynn

  4. omg, i think this is the cutest little felted animal i’ve ever seen… darling!

    • Thankyou soooooo much Kim! I thankyou and Molly thanks you too! She was so much fun to make and she looks really happy! LOLOL

  5. Oh my, How Pretty!!!!
    Lisa : )

    • Hi Lisa!
      Thankyou so much! Yes…..Molly is very Pretty in Pink! LOLOL Thanks to you and all and congrats to all the beautiful entries! Thanks so much for your comment too! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Lynn-

    This little pig has captured our hearts. It is Molly who graces our screensaver and we even printed out a color copy of the picture where she’s looking over her shoulder to hang on the wall.

    But, could you part with her? Is she for sale? Please let me know…

    Montreal, Canada

    • Hi Noelle,
      Lynn is a friend of mine and she sells on ebay. This little cutie is sold, but I can have her contact you if you like.

  7. I would love any info on Lynn selling her needle felting. I have a friend in a wheelchair who loves pigs and every year I hunt for the unusual and uncommon pig for her and would love to buy one like Molly.
    Can you contact me and send me her info? This is by far the most adorable pig I have ever seen.

    • I gave Lynn your email.

  8. is this pig real lol , if not i want to by one , do u sell them ?

    • I do create pig sculptures and there is an example in my Etsy shop. Just type pig in the search box. Thanks for your inquiry!

  9. I need a male and a female piggy. would you let her know that?

    • She moved and I can’t contact her any longer. Sorry.

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