Posted by: gourmetfelted | June 4, 2009


Hello Gerry, greetings from Finland again!

I hope I´m not too late to entry the contest!

Here´s some pictures of a dachshund, or should I say 
sausage dog ;)...
 I`ve needlefelted it to a customer.
Dog´s Size: 22cm(tall)x26cm(high)
8 inch x 10 inch
I started to needlefelt for a several years ago and nowadays
 I work with felt about every day and
I Love it  :) !
 For the most I felt dogs and other animals 
and I must say that
 "sausage dogs" are one of my favourites  :) 
, They are so funny ones  :) !

Thank´s Gerry for the contest!

Best Regards




  1. This is another entry that I’ve posted just for show as this is not a beginner felter. This is such a stunning sculpture, that I just had to share it! what did make you use for the fur? Is it alpaca ?Thank you Sari! Great work! HAPPY FELTING!

  2. Hello Gerry :)!
    Oh no, I visited your page so fast and I just looked that you aranged a contest again,
    so I didn´t notice that it was for the beginners :).
    Sorry 😉
    Thank´s for postining
    the entry anyway!

    The fur is made of merinowool..

    Have a nice summer :D!

  3. Wow amazing! I hope someday I could be half that good. Beautiful detail.

  4. This is a dog of high quality that is very inspiring!

  5. Hi Sari,
    Thank you so much for your gorgeous entry! I will be having another needle felting contest sometime that is open to all! Your dog is truly beautiful, and your love for the breed clearly shows!

  6. Really NICE! I am sure your customer loved this piece

    Many Soft Nickers,

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