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2009-01-13 22-59-03 - IMG_37282009-01-14 19-15-33 - IMG_3730

2009-01-14 19-17-41 - IMG_37402009-01-14 19-17-28 - IMG_3739

This was my first attempt at needle felting. I knitted the buildings into the bag then felted it. After, I used wool felt to make Godzilla and the flames. I bought the wool felt in sheets then cut it up to make the shapes. I really did not know how much to needle felt, so I ended up making some areas really thin by over needling. I had to put down some more felt to fill in.
I used the Clover 5 needle felter, it comes with fine needles. I was unaware that there were any other kind of needles, so it took a long time to get it nice and firmly attached. I did break a couple of needles making it.
I made this for a 9 year old girl that loves Godzilla. She had no idea I was making it and I sent it to her as a surprise.
Her dad loved it so much I ended up making one for him too..not a purse, but a bag for his bird books. I will send images of the finished “dad” bag too.
The purse design is the “booga bag” by Black Sheep Bags
The finished dimensions are approx: 4 1/2 X 7 1/2 X 8 1/2.
Christina Gebhard
Brentwood, MD

Here is the second felted project I ever attempted. I did buy some wool roving and loved working with that, more then the sheet felt alone. I also got some coarser needles, which helped save on time.  This is also the Booga Bag design, but I put an additional flap so the bird books would not fall out.




  1. I love these! They are TOTALLY neat! Great job especially for your first and second project! I love those old Godzilla movies and that Mothra is a hoot! You did a lovely job with all that detailing on the moth. Love the flames too! Terrific!! Thank you for your entry! HAPPY FELTING!!

  2. That is so cool!!! Great job. Love it – I hope you win!

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