Posted by: gourmetfelted | June 2, 2009


100_1277 I would like to Enter the following project into your felt contest.

Info: I started felting as of March 21st 2009, so I am still very very new.

The little fantasy lion is 7″ tall. He is made from hand carded Merino, Corridale, and white silk. She has hand made Iridescent wings which are slightly bendable.

Thank You,

Kasey Sorsby
Tanglewood Thicket Creations


  1. This is such a cute fanciful lion! You did such a wonderful job! I would never have thought of putting wings on a lion, but it works! The wings are great too! Love the sad needle felted eyes and the adorable paws!! Wonderful!! Thank you for your entry! HAPPY FELTING!

  2. Thank You so much!
    I had a lot of fun making this little lion. I had to attach wings…It only fits with things that I like to create.

    I stuck her up on Etsy. We will see if anyone else likes her too. 🙂


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