Posted by: gourmetfelted | May 22, 2009




I found some 32 gauge that I use for starting out Should I be using your 36 instead, is 32 too big?  Do you use one needle at a time or in pairs?


That’s a really coarse needle. If you are used to felting with that, it’s fine. I would think that if you were to use fine wool like merino or exotics like silk, that it would be much harder to felt with a size #32. The #36 is a good all purpose needle that easily felts everything. The numbers in the 40’s are for finer wools or detailing.

I do use ONE needle mostly all of the time. I find that it’s easier to sculpt the wool around the armature with a single needle. When I am felting a larger sculpture like 5 inches, it takes forever to felt the core, so I do use a multi needle tool that uses 3 or 4 at once. I never hold two needles in my hand. That would fatigue my fingers too much. I do like using different handles sometimes so my hand gets a break in the position of holding the needle.


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