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Hi Gerry!

Thanks so much for offering all of us needle-felting newbies advice. I love reading your site!


Now that I’ve learned to make wire armatures and cores and all kinds of neat things, I’ve pretty much blown through my stash of wool. I am looking at ordering wool online and most places sell by the ounce, but I can’t really visualize how big an ounce of wool actually is. A little goes a long way, but I’d hate to order way to little or far too much. Can you please give me an idea of the size of an ounce of roving, or an estimate as to how much coverage I could get with an ounce?

Thanks so much,
Erin Elizabeth

When does the current needle felting contest end


Hi Erin,
Welcome to my blog!
I’m so glad that I can help newbies! I have washed wool by the oz that I sell and it is natural, not combed into roving. I think that this has a more realistic look for fur as it has little crimps and such.
I have core wool in quart bags stuffed. That is the only one that I lightly comb just to get the hay out of it. I would guess that you could make 2 or 3 sculptures that are 3 to 4 inches tall. Roving generally is about 8 feet per oz. Of course that would depend on what kind of fiber that the roving is and the thickness of the roving.
I have a nice sampler package (1 oz )in animal colors that has different fibers to try even silk. I also have wool with curls and alpaca.(1oz) Quart bag full. These would do several dogs as you would use it for the topcoat only. You can see what I for my dogs in my shop.

Click on ECO-FRIENDLY WOOL/FIBER on the right column and you can see all my fiber listed. I have more fibers ans wool that isn’t listed if you need anything special. I also make custom blends for certain breeds at no extra cost!

I will probably end the contest on June 7th which will be a month. I hope that I can see any entry from you. How long have you been felting?




  1. I have only just found your blog, thanks so very much for your felting advice, it’s much appreciated!

    • Hi Alison,
      Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad to help. When I started needle felting in 2007 there wasn’t much help and I was pretty much on my own. So I thought I’d do what I could to help!
      Happy felting!

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