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I’m a beginner felter and have been at it for about six months now.  My time in for my “fun” is sporadic since I have 3 kids to take up the rest of my time.  I LOVE felting.  My mother taught me a little about it and I got hooked immediately.  I have a great need for some creativity and art in my life and this is just the perfect thing.

This old fella’ was made as a christmas gift to one of my kids teachers.  I thought she would enjoy a “santa scholar”, engulfed in a favorite book.  My wool is from a farmer and was hand dyed.  The doll does not have any wiring in it and everything is made from felted wool.  He’s not very big, probably 7″ tall, or something like that.  He was really fun to make and he still sits on the teachers desk, reading away. (I think he forgot it was christmas) :o)

I guess I’m not so talented in making animals yet, but the key word is yet!  I have made a few other pieces and I’m still enjoying the discovery of all the different things that can be sculpted with felt.

Thanks for a great website, I just discovered it and I’m excited to explore all the information you have available.  I think I have so much to learn and this seems to be a great place to do so.  The little doggies you make are so fantastic I’m not sure I dare try one for risk of great disappointment.  :o)

Take care,

Eva Lutz



  1. I am so amazed at how wonderful the entries to this contest are! Everybody has just been felting for a few months and the products are just astonishing. I had to respond to Eva, though, talking about being scared of disappointment with animals……… I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams being able to create a PERSON! That seems to me to be the hardest thing in the world. I don’t think you should worry for a second about trying anything after this Santa doll you were able to create!

  2. Hi Eva, Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your entry to my contest! I feel that same way that Alice does! I think that people are MUCH harder to do than animals. Skin and facial features especially. You did a great job and as you get more experienced, I’m sure that you will make animals just as well. Thank you for your kind words on my sculptures. I’m glad if I can help people to find the joy of felting!! HAPPY FELTING!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments. I really do have a great time creating and hope to have the time to experiment with more figures and animal creations. I love looking at everyone elses creations and get neat ideas.

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