Posted by: gourmetfelted | May 4, 2009


finger-feltedCongratulations to Gunilla known as Feltangel. She won the finger guards!  Not only did she write a lovely comment about why she liked needle felting and how she found this lovely artform, but just take a look at her poor poked finger. I think that she REALLY needs them don’t you?

I think that if she drank enough water that she could water plants with her finger! OUCH!!

You can read her lovely comment in my comment contest post.  Thanks to all of you that shared your thoughts on needle felting and were brave enough to comment! Your comments were heartwarming and truly inspiring! **If you would like to get your own finger guards you can from



  1. Gerry,

    Thank you for making my poor finger famous !! It doesn´t look like that now, it was after a very hectic period when I had a lot of needlefelting to do in a short time for a delivery to a craft store.

  2. I’m glad to hear that your finger is better! That was pretty pitiful! I shipped out your finger guards today. They weighed 1/8th oz!! Please let me know when you get them, and if they work our for you:)

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