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What do you do when you have felted and felted and felted your sculpture so that now it is TOO HARD to felt anymore? Simply use a smaller needle. I use coarse wool as my core and use a #36 coarse felting needle to felt it. If you also started with a #36 needle, switch to a #38 medium needle, and viola! You will be able to felt some more. I like the #38 medium star needle for detailing after I have made the core with the coarse needle.

Speaking of FELTING NEEDLES… I have found the best felting needles ever!!  They are high quality and have comfy soft rubber ends. Regular felting needles are made to go into a machine, not be held by fingers.  These are so nice to use and they are even color coded by size! You can always tell what size needle that you need to use just by looking at the colored tip!

I get mine from FELTALIVE on etsy. If you get some, please tell Kay that Gerry sent you!

Felting needles here

Notice the finger guards? You can win  a FREE pair($5 value) just by entering by comment contest going on now. Just tell me:

1)why do you like needle felting ?and

2)how you found out about it?

That’s all there is to it! NO MORE POKED FINGERS! Great for beginners!




  1. I tried your technique on adding “fur” to a project.Thankyou so very much for all your tips and help.You are appreciated. Tami

  2. I first found out about needle felting at an EGA workshop. We made a little sheep on cotton cloth with fimo face, tail and legs. I thought it was fun. Then, I went to a yarn shop to get a set of needles and saw a felted purse with a landscape needle felted on the outside and thought, WOW! I want to learn how to do this. I now do flat needle felting on my crazy quilts too. I could sure use those finger guards.

  3. Hi Shari,
    Welcome to my blog. Isn’t it fun when you can create anything that you can think of with wool and a barbed needle? I think of the flat needle felting as “painting with wool” Do you have some that we can see? Thanks for your comment. HAPPY FELTING!

  4. Hi Tami,
    I’m so glad that you were helped by reading my blog! I do want to help people to find the “joy of felting” I really do appreciate your thanks! You made my day!!

  5. Hi, I found your blog by searching for a needle felting contest. Wow, what a great resource you are. (I am sure a lovely person as well!) I have an etsy shop ( and have just recently without much success started doing some shows. I was thinking with all the time that I put into my pieces that maybe entering contests might be a better route. I love the idea of the finger guards as I work with rather tiny parts.

    I have sculpted with a few different mediums but the finished product is always so static. With needle felting the pieces seem to have a bit of life in them. I feel almost a alchemist making tiny little homunculi.

    My daughter goes to a Waldorf school and this is where I first found out about needle felting.

    Thanks so much for all your great sharing.
    Sharon (

  6. Hi Sharon,
    Welcome to my blog! I will be having a needle felting contest soon, so be sure to check back! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I saw your etsy shop and your items are cute. Things have been super slow on etsy lately. There are thousands of sellers there selling thousands of items and every minute hundreds of items are listed. I’m always thankful when I sell something there! Thank you for the thank you! I’m so glad to know that this blog can help! Don’t forget to check back for the contest.

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