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Now you can be daring in your needle felting and even felt thin little legs with NO FEAR of the OUCH FACTOR!!

Yes it’s true. Slip on these two heavy duty soft PVC vinyl over your forefinger and thumb and you WILL feel invincible!  Fits most fingers. There is a slit in the thumb one for ease in putting on. Once on they keep on too. These can be yours if you tell me:




That’s all there is to it. Best comment wins the 2 free finger guards ($5.00 value). It doesn’t have to be long or something fancy….just FROM THE HEART! I can’t wait to read your comments!

TIP—>Blood can be removed from wool with a Qtip dipped in peroxide.OUCH!

TIP—>Someone asked me where I get the plastic tipped felting needles from. They are the best needles that I’ve used. They are very comfortable as the thin metal handle doesn’t dig into your finger. To see more



  1. I am a new lover of needle felting and I am such a huge fan of your work and this column. Your information is extremely helpful and so inspiring… I doubt that I will ever be able to make anything as wonderful and life like as you do although I have come a long way. My projects no longer look like dryer lint or my kitty cat’s hair balls. I wish that I could sit by your side and watch you create these tiny works of art. Thank you kindly for sharing, I am probably your biggest fan. sincerely, Janet ps. Those felting needles really hurt. That is probably why my projects (or should I say “victims” ) look so rough. I stabbed myself good a few times and WOW THAT HURTS!!! I think that I could needle felt fearlessly if I had those sweet little guards for my fingers. Thank you again for this blog and all of your help:)

  2. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad that my blog has helped you. When I am felting I use at least 12 or so photos of the dog from different angles that I’m working on, to be able to see it from all angles. I try hard to felt what I see.

    Could you answer the questions?
    What do you like about needle felting?
    How did you find out about it?

  3. I’m really loving needle felting because I have only been doing it for less than two weeks! I never knew it existed. Wow! Am I glad I found it… I knew as soon as I saw it that it was for me. I discovered it on etsy — a little bird needle felter. I was amazed and went on a fact finding mission. When I saw your dogs, that was all it took. I am so crazy about my own dogs and would take every dog I see if I could. So that is probably the biggest reason that I’ve fallen in love with felting: I can create ANY dog I want. What a pleasure! I’m like Janet in admiring your dogs and all the information you’ve been kind enough to share. I’m still trying to make mine more life-like, too. They are pretty cute, but look more like cartoon dogs, not real miniatures. How long have you been felting?

  4. 🙂 I was so excited about the opportunity to leave a message here that I realized afterwards that you had asked us to answer the questions. Probably the main the main thing that I like the best is working with the wool…the way it feels and the way it smells, so warm and mellow . I discovered Needle Felting in a catalog from “Nancy’s Notions” which is a sewing supply place here in Wisconsin. She had some supplies and also a book called “Wool Pets” which really piqued my interest. When My book arrived, I searched online for more info and discovered your oh so helpful blog and different articles. The contest that you just had was amazing !!!! So many talented people…. I will continue hang out here “silently” and try to absorb as much as I can. Thank you again for having all of this informaion available for us:)

  5. Hi Alice,
    Thank you for your comment! I found out about needle felting on Etsy too. I have been felting for about 2 years now. I love dogs too, but none are allowed where I live:(
    I would have a bunch if I could..hey actually I do..except that they’re wool ones. All house broken, but they do shed!! LOL!!
    One thing about needle felting is that everyone has their own style. I try to make my dogs realistic with a touch of whimsy.

  6. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for your comment! It is encouraging to me to hear from people who are reading my blog. If I don’t hear from anyone, it makes me feel like I’m wasting my time doing this.

    When I started needle felting it was hard to find good instructions. I did get the book Fleece Dogs so I could learn how to make an armature as I wanted my dogs to be poseable. I thought that I could “pass it on” so it wouldn’t be so hard for new felters to learn felting.
    I love the smell and feel of wool too…even before I wash it! It reminds me of a farm!

    Please feel free to comment more and to ask me any questions that you may have! It gives back to me when you do that:)

  7. 1) the reason i love needle felting-
    1c) i really love all the different colors the various wools come in, also the texture each variety has that’s a little different from all the others and even the slightly ‘wooly’ smells they have that are each and every one of them – unique
    1b) i really, really love feeling like a creative person when i manage to make something that resembles what i was hoping it would look like- it doesn’t happen too often, but every once in a while i come up with something i’m really proud of…
    1a) but i think the thing i really, really, REALLY love the very, very most about needle felting is sticking something over and over and over and over with a wee little, really sharp, barbed needle- the feeling and the sounds of that itsy-bitsy razor-sharp needle poking into the wool just seems to let me vent any anger and/or frustration i’ve got built up inside me- and the only down side of this venting is finger-tips covered with little scars and the ocassional tiny blood-stain on my project, but i just call it my ‘artists’ signature’ and if i sold my stuff i might even charge a little extra…

    2) i first heard about needle felting on probably about 2 years ago-
    didn’t pay much attention at first, but became more and more intrigued by the different ways of playing with the wool and by the different looks and styles each project had-
    –after about 4 or 5 months of seeing more and more cool looking felted items i started to get ‘that feeling’-
    — with me it starts as mild curiosity when i see some new kind of craft that looks sort of interesting-
    -that slowly becomes a vague desire to watch someone doing whatever craft has caught my attention or maybe just the desire to hold one of the objects and check it out up-close-and-personal-
    –that vague desire slowly turns to a longing feeling until i can picture myself creating amazing works of art the likes of which have never been imagined before-
    –the longing grows and eventually turns to a deep yearning that gets stronger and stronger until i realize i might as well just stop fighting the urge-
    -so i go out and spend too much money buying all the supplies and tools i need, then i plop down and give it a shot with a big smile on my face becasue i’ve managed, once again, to conquer ‘that feeling’, at least for a little while…

    sorry if i got a little carried away with the rambling but oh well, there it is and that’s about all she wrote…

  8. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for your comment! I know exactly what you mean with the wool smell! Even the clean ones all have their own smell that is particular to that type of wool or fiber.

    You are so funny that you put your abc points backwards!!LOL!!

    I know just what you mean with that “feeling”! I am getting it for spinning and I have a drop spindle..just not the time to try it yet,…but I will!


  9. Someone asked me where I get the plastic tipped felting needles from. They are the best needles that I’ve used. They are very comfortable as the thin metal handle doesn’t dig into your finger. To see more

  10. I am new to needle felting and wish I had heard of these before. Awesome! Love your blog. Great work!

  11. Oh, and sorry forgot to respond. I joined this swap and the one thing I wanted to make was something from the Coraline film that looked like it was needle felted. So, thus begins my adventures.

  12. Hi urban craft,
    Thank you for your comments. To be considered for the pair of finger guards, please answer the two questions. Thanks!

  13. 1) I love needle felting because I can finally make the permakittens that I dreamed about breeding many years ago! lol I love it because it is a very hands on medium and the possibilities are really endless!
    2) I learned about needle felting when I saw a book called Fleece Dogs at Borders. The dogs were very cute and I thought: “I could do that!” and soon after ordered a kit for making some mice. Read the directions, threw them away and did what I wanted to do instead. I’ve never looked back since then! 🙂

  14. I learned about armatures from Fleece Dogs too. I did my own thing too after I read it. I think that it’s great that everyone develops their own style. That’s what makes needle felting such a unique artform! Ten people can felt a black cat, and they will all be different.

  15. 1. I love the flexibility of needle felting and there always seems to be something new to learn … and you can do it just about anywhere …
    2. I found out about needle felting on someone’s blog ages ago and was fascinated so I bought a simple kit to try it out – needless to say I was ‘hooked’. … 😉

  16. Hi Gail,
    Thank you for your comment. It is addicting isn’t it?

  17. i love needle felting because it is really getting your hands in the fiber,feeling texture and color and then actually having precise control over how and where it will work in your project.Other types of felting can be random and a surpize as how it will end up. You can add detail, movement ,and expression.You can work with an infinite number of fibers as well creating new texture and life.I saw needle felting for the first time in Teddy Bears and friends Mag. and was facinated.At the time acquiring the tools was really hard,and there were no lessons.This forum has taught me more in a few months then anything I have ever read.
    Thankyou so much. Sincerely TamiK

    • Hi Tami,
      I agree with you! Isn’t it wonderful to feel all of the soft fibers and combine them to make a work of beauty? I also love to try felting different fibers just to see how they will felt.
      That is so true that a couple of years ago it was so hard to find needle felting anything! That’s why I decided to make this blog so that people wouldn’t have to struggle so much in needle felting….especially when they first start out! I remember when I first started felting. I could only find one size needle and no roving.. so I took apart some wool yarn and felted that into a pomeranian. **See MY FIRST NEEDLE FELTED DOG. Yes he was made from yarn and it was so much fun! Except for the finger poking part! OUCH!

  18. I haven’t done much needle felting, but I love the little dogs, and the big scenes done in wool……I have my own sheep, and just love the thought of making more things from their wool.

    I learned about it from going to fiber events.

  19. Hi Molly,
    Welcome to my blog! That must be so much fun(and work) to have your own sheep! That is a dream of mine that will probably remain only a dream. What kind of sheep do you have? Do you spin at all? Do you sell the wool?
    Thanks for your comment.

  20. Hi Gerry,
    Jerry from glass eyes on line sent me to your blog. You’re AMAZING!! Your little creatures look so life like!!!
    I’ve only just discovered felting ~ complete newbee.
    I joined a weavers guild about a year ago, (fiber is fascinating) they just recently had a wool sale where there was this incredible amount of roving. I fell in love with it! I don’t spin so someone suggested felting. I researched it, found some Japanese books about animals and started searching where to buy the eyes. I found Jerry and he sent me to you!
    I’ve always loved anything miniature. Now I have two daughters who love them as well!!
    I’m going to need all the advice I can get. My question to Jerry was, “what size eyes do you typically use… 3mm?”
    I can’t wait to hear back! Those finger cots look like a godsend.
    Thanks so much!
    Ginny B

  21. Hi Ginny,
    Welcome to my blog!! Thank you for your kind words on my felted sculptures. That’s great that you got the roving. What color is it? It is fun playing with all of the different fibers, isn’t it? I have always loved anything miniature also. Most of my sculptures are about 3 inches and I use 4mm eyes mostly. I use 3 mm for 2 inch sculptures, but they are very hard to do and you can’t include many details as there isn’t much room. Also it is hard to make the tiny ones without poking your fingers a lot. OUCH! Speaking of eyes..I have a post on how to add them and I am going to make a new post on adding eyes without glue as many people can’t use glue. Please feel free to comment anywhere and ask questions. I love to help newbies! Have you felted anything yet?

  22. Hi Gerry,
    I’m so glad I have found your blog, there is an absolute wealth of information here as I am just starting this amazing craft! I can see many hours sitting here absorbing the information. No needle to wool as yet…but soon! Last year I taught myself to knit and made a few felted purses, and that is where I first heard about needle felting.
    Biggest fear: impailed fingers! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations and experience with a complete and total newbie. 🙂

  23. Hi Gayle,
    Welcome to my blog! I hope that your journey into the needle felting world will be a fun one. Just be careful of the needle and you’ll do fine. That is so wonderful that you taught yourself to knit! I still do that when I am too tired to felt at night and start poking my fingers! Knitting needles instead of a felting needle is much safer at that point! LOL!! Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have!

  24. Hi Gerry,

    I hope you don´t mind if I answer your questions in reverse order. That feels more natural for me as needle felting has evolved from a hobby to an addiction and a vital condition for my well-being.

    I first found out about needlefelting about 4 or 5 years ago, buying a kit in a hobby store. I made the gnomes in the kit and a friend of mine asked me to do an angel as well. I did, and there were a lot of more angels being “born” after that. I found out how fun it was to include other materiel as pearls, beads and laces, and my angels got sold to friends and colleagues at work. I bought some books by Birgitte Krag Hansen, a fantastic Danish felting artist, and was amazed by the things she could do with the felting needle.

    About 1 1/2 years ago I found an article in a magazine about fleece dogs and I was hooked. From that day there was no looking back ! I love dogs (unfortunately I have never been able to have one of my own) and now I could combine that with my needle felting. I was so proud of my first dog even though it didn´t resemble a living one…I started to try to make them more realistic and for every dog I made I learned something new. I managed to sell some of them and started to get commissions as well. To make a copy of a dog to an owner and to get the fantastic response when it´s delivered is worth all the effort (and every poked finger…..)

    As I wrote before needle felting for me has become an important and vital condition for my well-being. I have been on sick-leave from work for long periods these last years and about a year ago I finally had to quit the profession I´ve had for 27 years in the travel industry. I couldn´t any longer cope with the stress and level of noise, and I couldn´t any longer work for hours in front of the computer, it gave me pain in my eyes and terrible head-aches. So not being able to work and to feel worthless and without confidence could have meant the worst for me. This is where needle felting came in and kept me on the “sunny side of the street”. It has kept me occupied, has kept my self-esteem up knowing that people actually like what I do, and that I´m good at it. I may be worthless working in the travel industry but I know I can make people happy with my handicraft. Needlefelting in itself is so relaxing and I tend to forget both time and place when I work. I have discovered that it is so versatile that I can actually do whatever I want. I´ve been selling snowboarders in a craft store and have started to cooperate with other stores. I hope that needlefelting will be a part of my future life and that I in some extent can earn a living from it, giving classes for example.

    The feeling of the soft wool in my hands, the beautiful colours and structures of different wool types, the sound of the felting needle being poked up and down and the moment when a new soft sculpture, a dog or a character is born………that give me tremendous joy and that is why I love needlefelting.

    • Hi Feltangel,
      I’m so glad that you stopped by to leave a comment!! You can answer how ever you wish! That’s great that you combined felting with beads, lace, and pearls. Your needle felted creations are something that you should be proud of! Just because you could no longer do one job doesn’t make you worthless! You just needed a career change and I’m glad that you found it. You must really love needle felting to keep at it despite your poked finger!! Keep up the great work! HAPPY FELTING!

  25. In 2007 I was surfing ebay and came across these cute 3D sculptures. At first I thought they were made by fabric but as I looked closer I found they were whole wool structures! I was amazed with how the creator did that. I emailed the person who was selling the figure and asked how she did it. It was called needle felting. I never heard such a thing and began my research all online. I decided to give it a try and ordered some needles, wool and bought a block in a craft store. The people at the craft store had no idea what needle felting was either and they had nothing but the foam block. So I had to get everything else online.

    I continued to see what kind of creations you can make and I knew I would love this new little craft, so I bought tons of needles, 10 each on the 3 main gauges and so much wool I think I’m good for a life time.
    I even bought some raw wool. I washed it as good as I can get it, separated in 3 piles and dyed it in 3 different colors of kool aid, orange, red and blue. I found it fun but hard work.

    I love working with my hands with crafting and needle felting let’s me create so much cute 3D objects. I’m even thinking of starting pictures made out of wool.
    I love giving away my creations to family and friends, especially on Xmas.
    I love needle felting so much that in a Toastmasters Course, I did a speech on the basics of needle felting. I brought finished items to show the audience and brought little kits to everyone so they could try too. Everyone thought it was very interesting and one even gave me an opportunity to teach my very own class of needle felting. A dream come true!! I get to make little kits for people who come to learn about the new craft. Once I get those ready and once I pick what item people should start on, I just have to set a date. It’s very exciting! I’ll instruct my very own students. Wish me luck 🙂

    • Hi Christa,
      Welcome to my blog! Isn’t it a great thing when we discover the world of needle felting? The possibilities that it opens is remarkable. I started felting also in 2007 and there were only felting needles in the craft store that I went to. They didn’t know anything about needle felting either. It is getting more known now, than it was then, but most people that I show my sculptures to, have never heard of it. I have lots of wool too and wash it myself. I have never tried dying yet. That’s neat that you did that also. There are some beautiful wool paintings in my needle felting contests on this blog. Some are on purses. That’s a great way to advertise felting! Congrats on your speech and up coming class! That is exciting! Please let me know what you are going to teach first. What are your ideas?

  26. I love needle felting because it is a very peaceful & relaxing art….though sometimes painful :)….exactly why I need the finger guards…. I dabble in many media…but this one is very forgiving, very portable, very calming, & has so many forms in which to explore…
    I found out about needle felting when I was searching Dog Art on eBay… Up popped one of Gerry’s beautiful, needle felted dogs…. I had to do a double take to see if it was real…. I was amazed to learn that it was made of wool & one barbed needle…Well…I had to learn how to do it… I bought some wool from Gerry & she invited me to this web site….What a source of information & inspiration! Thanks, Gerry!

    • Hi Lynne,
      I’m so glad that one of my doggies inspired you! I was inspired too by the dogs that I saw on ebay! Thanks for the thanks! I really, really appreciate it 🙂

  27. I noticed just online since 2007 it has become more popular because there are a lot more sites, Youtube videos and places to buy. Thank goodness because when I first was researching the craft, I remember wondering if I should take it up because it was lacking in info and places to buy items. I’m so glad I did though. It’s a favorite hobby for me. My goal is to make tiny 1/2 inch animals and figures. One day I’ll be a pro 🙂
    For my first class I’d be instructing, I was thinking of something really simple for the introduction of Needle Felting like mushrooms or apples. Than the second class will be more advance like a humming bird because now the students will know what to do in the basics. What do you think?

  28. That’s a great idea to do a mushroom or apple as a first project. That is a great way to introduce people to felting. A bird seems to be good for a second project. I hope that it works out for you. That is a great thing to help people learn about needle felting. That’s why I started this blog. I love to help people to find the “joy of felting!”

  29. I discovered needle felting by surfing Etsy on Thanksgiving of 2008. I was looking for cool crafting ideas and inspiration. It was far too close to Christmas, I had no money as a result of medical bills from not one but two hit-and-run accidents. I knew every gift I gave would be handmade from cheap materials. Somehow I stumbled from link to link in shops to a needle felted camel. It was stunning and still one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever seen. I stared at it so long clicking periodically to other needle felted dogs, cats, wildlife, dolls, and many of your pieces.

    Needless to say I was quite late to dinner at my mom’s house. After explaining my shortfalls on holiday shopping I showed my mom the photos on Etsy of my favorite felted critters. The next day my mom and I went way out to the country to a llama and sheep ranch. There was a little store, one of my favorites built in a funny little house. It was packed with yarn making my heart ache. I used to be an avid crocheter and taught classes, but due to the injuries to my right arm and shoulder I’m still unable to do much of any crochet work. The ladies there took us back to an out building with sacks and rolls and tables of wool in various stages of preparation. My mom bought me a beginning kit with four needles and some wool in the colors I would need to make a few critters, namely greys and white to make schnauzers (like my dog) and a wolf for my brother who has collected them since he was 6. She told me that since she normally puts a crafty thing in my stocking to keep me busy on Christmas, this would be it. Expect one less present on Christmas morning and bring it with you if you need something to keep you busy while we wait for breakfast after presents. I was VERY ok with this and went straight home to work.

    I made a few sheep to begin with for my grandmother, two schnauzers (one for me and one for my best friend Mathew), and a stunning wolf complete with needle felted teeth for my brother. Somehow I pulled it all off during finals week. Studying anatomy and needle felting even lead to a felted skull. Awesome.

    I love needle felting because of the versatility. I loved crochet for the same reason. I nearly always did freeform work with the exception of potholder requests from family. The back and forth of afghans just bored me silly. I made every type of food I could imagine and then asked friends for more ideas. I made a doctor’s kit for a coworkers son on request…and SHE was the crochet teacher where we worked!

    Needle felting offers all the versatility of shape as freeform crochet but is even better because of the detail possible. I never would have been able to crochet a Scottish terrier that fit on a quarter but I can whip one out needleing. The realism is second to none. The ability to work on miniscule scales matches the dollhouses I build before the accidents. Needle felting has been my sanitiy as I deal with the pain and loss of previous abilities. It gives me something I can be proud of and isn’t limited to a holiday or occasion as so many crafts are.

    When I was forced out of my house and started getting things out, my photos, computer, and needleing supplies were first to go. I ended up having to sell nearly everything I owned as I had nowhere to go and couldn’t take anything with me. It’s funny how you don’t need all that stuff. A connection to the world (via the computer), art supplies (needle felting, wool, yarn, a sewing machine and a few others I couldn’t part with), and charactor (the history memorialized in my photos) is all you really need.

    I’ve got my new way of expressing myself through needle felting. As long as I’ve got a craft that lets me get the stuff inside me out, I’ll be ok. Life without a craft after the injuries before discovering needleing was the darkest time I’ve ever seen. Now though living in a very small rented room, in pain, unable to even walk some days, it’s going to be ok.

    • Hi Kim,
      Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comment! I’m so sorry to hear about your accidents! That’s terrible! I’m so glad that you found needle felting to fill in the void. Also, I’m glad that some of my creations inspired you! I see your little avatar schnauzer. This is a wonderful comment. Unfortunately, this contest is over. Why don’t you enter my needle felting contest? It ends June 7th so you have time to make something if you don’t have a picture of one of your past creations. The prizes are free wool/fiber of your choice or a felting needle pen each with a value of $15!! I’d love to see your work! I see that you don’t have anything in your etsy shop. It sounds like you are a very crafty person and I’m sure that you brought much joy to the recipients of your needle felted delights! That’s so nice that your mom took an interest in encouraging you and giving you the needle felting supplies! My mom always encouraged me also in my artistic endeavors. She also tolerated a lot of rodent pets that I had over the years. Praise to moms!!

  30. Where did you purchase your finger gloves?

  31. Hi Irene,
    Welcome to my blog! Here is the link to the finger guards. It’s the only place that I could find them. Please tell her that Gerry sent you! Thank you!

  32. Thanks! By the way do you know who is the producer?

  33. Hi Irene,
    Welcome to my blog. The person who sells the finger guards is in the link in the comment above your comment. I hope that answers your question.

    Please help to pick a winner in my one year anniversary for my needle felting blog. See the top of my page by clicking on GOURMET FELTED WEBLOG at the top of this page. There you can see the entries. Thanks!


  34. Hai! I know the contest is over,but id just like to say that…

    once i first saw a needle felted dog, i instantly loved it. sadly, i am too young to buy all the tools and stuff, so ill have to wait 2 or 3 years. i want to try needle felting because im looking for a hobby to take up my extra time, and plus you can express yourself in many different ways, such as cartoony, realistic, fantasy, etc. Id like to see more variations of felted animals, like see their different styles.

    And thank you for the tips, when i actually felt something, ill remember them. 🙂

  35. Hello. I’m going to be starting needle felting as soon as my needles arrive in the mail. I learned about needle felting a few days ago when I was searcing flickr for ideas for wetfelting men’s slippers. I had never heard of it before. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the cats and creatures that I see can be made. I’m stunned by the artistry. I’m so excited to try it. I saw kaypetals characters on flickr and have in the last few days watched all of her videos on utube to try and learn some techniques. I’ve been looking online everyday searching needle felting to see what I can see. I’ve fallen in love with rootcrops cats and mama cats with kittens. I love your dogs too. I researched the rubber dipped tipped felting needles and found out that the dipping product is “plasti-dip” available in small cans from the hardware store. I’ve got a can and will dip my needles when I get them. I’ve since seen that the dipped needles are available for sale from “feltalive” for the same price that I’m getting the undipped ones. But that is ok, I’m gonna dip a few other things from around the house, so, it’s all good. I dont need to win free finger guards, but I think they are really an essential safety supply, so, I hope you will let me know where I can get some. Or how I can make them. I thank you for your felting information in this blog. I’ve put a shortcut onto my desktop and will be reading it to learn. Take care, happiness always to you, kind regards, jasminedragon

  36. ah, i see the link above a few posts. 🙂

  37. Hi Laura,
    Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your kind words on my dogs. I love rootcrops cats too! I hope that you can learn from my blog. Needle felting is becoming more known compared to when I started. I had such a hard time getting help. I thought that I could help others to learn about needle felting. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have! HAPPY FELTING!

  38. 1. I LOVE NEEDLE FELTING because it is extremely simple, at the fine arts fair at my high school i volunteered to do a needlefelting demonstration, and even 5 or 6 year olds could needle felt, although i did have to hold the felt in place, which did cause quite alot of “ouch factor” to occur in my fingers. also because it is so versityle of a material (please excuse me if i miss spell words, i am a sloppy typer) i can use it as a 3D material for sculpture of as even 2D on a felt canvas.
    2. i learned about it via telivision as most teenagers do, but didnt think about trying it untill my art teacher had it as a project my freshman year, i imeditly found it to be one of my favorite forms of self expression.

  39. Just introduced to needle felting. Have small dogs and am intrigued by detail that can be expressed on a felted dog. Hope to try a number of different techniques and style of sculpture. Don’t like getting poked by the needles but love that you can take your project anywhere to work on and it doesn’t take a hefty bankroll to get started–just some creativity and imagination.

    Was introduced by local dog friends at a short workshop. I saw some of their finished projects and decided to sign up and see what it was about.

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