Posted by: gourmetfelted | March 2, 2009


img_4402This was the most popular in the beginner’s division. What a lovely creation and it was needle felted by a little girl who is only 7 years old! Isn’t it wonderful that she is being encouraged to develop her artistic talents at such a young age. What a great piece as it is decorative and functional.

Congratulations Lirael! You can visit my etsy shop to pick out the wool of your choice and also you will receive a custom made felting needle. Just click on the WOOL/FIBER category on the right side in my shop.

Thanks for entering my contest! Keep up the wonderful work! HAPPY FELTING!



  1. Hi, Mommy read me the email. And Itis so neet.
    Mommy showed me the wool on your website and i really like alpaca wool. Mommyt and i are working on a new project. I want mommy to send you the pictures after. I really love to do it as there is no right or wrong.
    Mommy said she will send out our addres to you.
    Thank you
    I will send a picture of what i mak with the new wool.


  2. Hi Lirael,
    I will send you some alpaca fiber as your prize with the custom felting needle. It is a dainty needle so it should fit your little fingers nicely!! I would love to see what you make with the alpaca fiber. It is extra soft. What are you working on now?

  3. I am making a worm for the song hermin the worm. I am a cub in scouts and wnt to teach the beavers the song so mom and i thought a little worm woud help teach it.

    • That’s so neat! That is a great idea! Can you send me a picture when you’re done?

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