Posted by: gourmetfelted | March 2, 2009


penelope_sideThis sculpture was the favorite in the advanced division. This is such a stunning beauty with a lovely coat of assorted fibers. The whiskers and eye brow hairs are so realistic. Doesn’t this make you want to pet it to see how soft it is?

Congratulations Helen! You can visit my etsy shop to pick out the wool of your choice and also you will receive a custom made felting needle. Just click on the WOOL/FIBER category on the right in my shop.

Thanks for entering my contest! Keep up the wonderful work! HAPPY FELTING!



  1. I just wanted to add that this was Helen’s FIRST long haired cat!! Isn’t that just amazing! I love the little pink paws!

  2. That cat is so amazing.. kinda eerie, too. I keep thinking it’s a freeze dried pet – it’s THAT realistic!

  3. Penelope and Helen are very deserving of the win! This piece is amazing..and anyone who needle felts can completely understand the sheer complexity of this! Bravo..just brilliant work!

  4. Amazing. Simply amazing. I clicked on the “cats” link because I want to make a tiny version of my neighbor’s long-haired tortie, but this…I mean, it’s actually breathtaking. Thanks for posting it. Viva la Penelope!!

  5. Looking for a video or set of pictures on the armature for a cat. Everyone just says “oh, those are so hard”. 😦

    • I make the armature for cats in different shapes depending on what pose I will be making. The armature of a cat can be simple. It is the body that is tricky. It is especially hard to make cats if you are used to sculpting dogs. They are totally different in every way!
      Happy felting!

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