Posted by: gourmetfelted | February 1, 2009



well the dragon is just titled “Fairy Dragon” it’s about 8″ tall needle felted wool over soft sculpt body with fimo gel wings (I made the wings too).  I’ve been felting for a little over 2 years now.  This dragon was a custom order piece.  I love dragons & fairies so the combination seamed like a perfect idea.  I love all things fantasy and whimsical :)Thanks again,




  1. This is a lovely fantasy piece! Love the sparkles in the wool and the needle felted eyes! The wings are beautiful. The colors and curls are perfect! The individual blue scales must have taken a while to felt! This sculpture must have taken many, many hours! Thank you for your entry! Happy Felting!!

  2. Ah thanks! I think I worked on this dragon for over 3 months. The belly scales did take forever but I think it was worth it. I blended in angelina fiber in the wool to give the sparkles!

    • WOW how did you do that i am new at felting and i neeed all the help to become as good as you

  3. My gosh this really beautiful! what an imagination.Love all the detail!!!!!

  4. I Love It To Be able To Do This It Would So Much Fun Maybe some day Can You point Me Out Something That Could Help Me. Thank You Mary Ann

    • Hi Mary Ann,
      Welcome to my blog! I do have needle felting kits for beginners in my shop. I also have felting wool for sale. You can take a peek if you like.

  5. that is so cool how di dyou make the wings

    • Hi
      Yeah I sure did. The wings are made of mixed media 🙂

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