Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 24, 2009



I just finished this piece. It was done along side Widgets piece to help her learn and to guide her.
This piece will be placed in our classroom at home in the Fall.
The wool was from my Aunts farm who we visited in the summer for sheering. We collected 10 fleeces. Widget and I cleaned, carded, and dyed all the colors with the end result is 7 fleeces after loss due  to mats, or other problems. As part of her class work in science and ecology we collected local fruit, vegetables and flowers along with vinegar and powered Alum we created beautiful colour and a piece of work I am proud of and Lirael (AKA Widget) tells everyone she took the sheeps coat to colour and to give mommy the wool to work with.
The finished piece is I yard by 3/4 yard.
The backing is bamboo fiber cloth and side bias strips is also bamboo cloth.




  1. This is a lovely wool felted wool painting with cute 3D affects. You can see where the daughter gets her talent from! I can see how this would take hours and hours of felting in all the layers and detailing that you did. This is a great example of the different thing that one can do with needle felting. Great job!

  2. This painting with wool is very inspiring.

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