Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 23, 2009


pod_snow Good morning, Gerry.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my design.

My work is a needle felted “pod” or “nest” with needle felted (and wet-felt finish) balls inside. The pod itself measures 3 feet in height.

While I’ve worked as a designer for many years, when it comes to wool and felt I consider myself a beginner — working and playing with the material since just last year. But, I so enjoy it!

Thanks, again for making this contest available.



  1. This is such an amazing creation! I can’t imagine felting anything as large as this! This is truly unique. Lovely photo with the tree. Thanks for your entry!

  2. Very organic and fluid looking.
    What do you use to fill in the void?


  3. Gorgeous! And so original.

  4. thank you all for the nice comments… they made my day!
    gerry, i should state that the sculpture is 3′ from end to end (i don’t think i was clear on that in my email submission).
    and, jocelyn, the pod is actually not filled in with anything; i just placed several red felted balls inside which can be removed. hope that clarifies for you.
    thanks, again for the positive comments!

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