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I started my daughter who is 7 this Jan 26th, felting in September a part of her schooling in fibers.
I thought I should enter her. This is her first piece, she is quite proud and intends to enter it in the county fair in the fall.

Jocelyn (the proud mom)




  1. This is an amazing creation by a 7 year old! I love the 3D affect of the appliqued subjects on the purse. Nicely detailed with clouds and the sun. Wonderful, bright colors! Can’t wait to see what she makes next! What is her name and I can put it in the title, if you like.

  2. So great! I’m amazed. I vote for her 🙂


  3. a six-year-old did this? oh, my, she is going places! what a beautiful piece… i’m very impressed and inspired!

  4. Lirael Remus AKA the widget,
    was schooled since 3 in the Waldorf philosophy and so started finger knitting at an early age. She watched me start needle felting tapestry a year go, the widget love watching so as part of her grade 1 curriculum I started her, small but she wanted to do gnomes, so we worked on a pattern all September and Oct, and November we started the bag. She watched me work on a large mural I made using Magic Wool Techniques. Monkey See Monckey Do!
    The Proud Mom

  5. How is it even possible that a 6 year old can create such perfection? I am 40 and began this venture 9 months ago..and my dexterity doesn’t even come close to matching hers at 6!

  6. She has been doing free hand drawing geometric drawing as part of her school.
    One of the things that was said to me by her is, it is like colouring a picture mommy, You fill in the blanks.I drafted the picture in drafting pencil and she coloured and filled it in. The piece took 3 months working 2 days a week for a hour on it in hardworking time slot.
    And speaking as the Mom she ripped up many thing many times. And there were a few tears when she could not get it the way she wanted.
    Luckily one needle prick. taping the fingers helped make sure she stayed prick free.
    Mommy (Jocelyn)

  7. I was wondering how she could use a felting needle safely. I use leather thimbles when I am doing the feet so I can’t get stuck. I never thought of tape!

    You can see that this was a labor of love when you consider all the hours involved. It’s so nice to work with our children to help them “bloom” in their artistic talents. I can see where she gets her talent from after seeing your mural.

  8. Needle felting felting is an unusual art form. I have seen people take to it instantly. I myself worked with 2 twin boys that were 12, and the dogs that they created looked like they have done it for years. I was truly impressed with their talent and enthusiasm! Of course, being boys, they pricked their fingers more than once! OUCH!
    They loved doing it and wanted to do more the next day despite the ouchs!HA!

  9. You can get tape ( for wrapping horse legs for travel) comes in many colours and is self adhesive. And reusable many times.
    She pick here colours and we tape the finger.
    I got one of those clover needle multi needle with a guard tools but more than one needle at a time we found that Lirael was more likely to break and also miss felt a area. So we KISS (keep it simple st*pid), the craft and it worked.
    I think Children are more apt to do well as they are not as critical and less of a perfectionist than their parents. Also thy have a wonderful imaginatons to draw from. And Art is a wonderful way for children to express themselves.

  10. This is amazing! What a talented girl you have!

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