Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 19, 2009


My 1st fav is a depiction of Peter Rabbit. I had a wallpaper cutout image of Peter and decided I would try to felt the image. As with everything else I create..the one piece alone wasn’t enough and I had to add my whimsy to the piece. So, after the tiny Peter Rabbit was felted..(I think he stood about 2″ tall) I also needle felted a selection of very tiny vegetables and put them in a small blue wagon/cart I bought for $2…I felted Peter in a pose to where he is pulling the cart direct from Mr. MacGregor’s garden of course. Made entirely of wool roving with the exception of the metal cart.





  1. This is so cute! Love the needle felted eyes. The felted veggies are a nice touch! I guess he’ll eat well for a while.HAPPY FELTING!

  2. Oh what a nice surprise to see this post Gerry. This was actually my 3rd attempt ever at needle felting and I had such fun creating it. As you know, felting is such an addiction and I haven’t fed my need for awhile now. Your blog has reignited that obsession for me and I am awaiting the moment I can get back to it. Thanks you so much for including me in your contest…

  3. How adorable and what a talent!

  4. Wow! Only number three! You are a natural. I’m so glad to inspire you to return to felting. Felting can be so satisfying and fun! I just made the cutest bulldog puppy! I will post it on flickr when I get a chance. HAPPY FELTING!

  5. What beautiful and heartfelt comments ladies. This is truly one of the greatest parts of needle felting for me..everyone, and I mean everyone associated with this art is so ultra supportive, whether it be our 1st attempt or our 200th. Such a gorgeous group of artists as a whole. I have met some of the nicest people through this venture..

  6. darling… just darling!

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