Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 16, 2009


I did the rose on the clover brush felting matt and I use the clover multiple needle tool and crisscross the roving in a few tones of red, petal by petal around a wire flower stem and then began layering the petals and a similar process for the leaves.  I cover the stem and joined area with floral tape.


I used to white wool roving and did the basic shape of the Koi.  I then began needle felting a better grade of white roving on the fish’s body. Once I got the desired shape, I created the tail, fins and top glider fin.  I have a Koi pond and I have a Koi that looks just like the one I made.




  1. This is a wonderful example of how thin you can felt wool. Notice the lovely petals that have a delicate cupping because of this. Great arrangement! Very clever! The koi looks like a butterfly koi with the pretty fins. Nice how you arranged it on the coral! Keep up the great work! HAPPY FELTING!

  2. Gerry,

    Thank you for the nice posting on my two creations 🙂 I am happy that you think they are good!


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