Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 9, 2009



I’d like to enter Penelope, the needle felted cat, into your current contest.

She’s about 9/5″ x 4″, including her base. She is felted over a wire armature

using Polworth first, and adding long hair/fur from a batt of blended wools including:

Merino, Silk, Tencel, Yearling Mohair, Super fine Alpaca, Bamboo, Angelina Shimmer

and Baby Angora. I was terrified to try the long hair; Penelope is my first.



  1. This is another incredible entry! And your first long hair!!Amazing! I have used a batt to felt long hairs myself. Did you make the batt yourself?

  2. Outstanding! The conformation is excellent…. Beautifully done! Your right….Amazing!!!

  3. wow!!! I love her

  4. One of my favorites of yours!!! Except for the colors this is very much like my Sir Pawsalot! 🙂

  5. Eerie! Are you sure this isn’t a freeze-dried cat? It’s SO realistic!

  6. WOW! It looks like real! Amazing!

  7. This is just amazing!! She belongs on the cover of a magazine!! Just beautiful!

  8. OMG. If I had known people were going to comment (and say such nice things) I would have checked back sooner! =^..^=

    Gerry: Good time to give a plug for exclusivelylindalee (on etsy); she made the gorgeous white batt
    Lynne and Dawn: Thank you! That’s so nice to hear
    Harlan: Just went to see Sir Pawsalot; he’s gorgeous (wasn’t sure if it would be a real cat or felted one!)
    lucille: you made me laugh outloud. freeze-dried…
    Sari: Thank you. It does tickle me when people think they look real.

  9. oh, my, the talent shown here is outstanding (i’m a bit embarrassed to have submitted to this contest after seeing these fabulous entrie!) 🙂

    • You shouldn’t feel embarrassed at all. Your wool sculpture is very lovely and shows the unique one of a kind items that can be created with wool and a needle. It really is amazing! HAPPY FELTING!

  10. OMG, Kim. I just saw your post. Thank you for the compliment, but your piece is every bit as good. It is so imaginative! It’s fun to see how different folks use the same medium.

  11. I LOVE this cat!! I am wondering how you use batt to make the long fur. I am very new to felting and have only used marino and corredale wool for the long hair.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for your kind words on my cat! I really have a hard time making cats as I am allergic to them so haven’t been around them much. To use batting you just pinch off a bit and felt in in as you would any other wool. A batt is just combed wool that is blended together. Sometimes I use merino also for fur.
      Happy Felting!

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