Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 8, 2009



16 ” x 17″ wall hanging

I love Monet’s work, so I created the wall hanging by first wet felting the background then adding some prefelt to create the long vertical lines representing the reflections in the water and then needle felted the water lilies on top — lots of fun to create since

I used both wet and dry felting techniques…It looks much nicer in person.


  1. Beautiful, Laura! I’d like to learn more about this art form of needle felting…..

  2. This is really beautiful!

  3. Hi Lynne,

    I send a more descriptive paragraph in which will be posted… The background was wet felted, then I used some of my “pre-felts” and stretched them vertically to create the reflective look of the waterlilies and I needle felted the water lilies on top – I do a lot of custom “renderings” based on photos. .


  4. WOW….16″X17″…. I tried a 4X4 (w/a single needle) & it took forever…. I’ve got to learn how to wet felt the background & try again….
    Gorgeous work! Hope to see more!

  5. This is really a great example of a mixed felting project. This wool painting has such rich color, is must be really gorgeous in person!

  6. When I saw 16″ x 17″ I thought “WOW!” The color is so rich; I’ll bet it really “sings” when you see it in person.

  7. lovely work, I love this form of felting too!

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