Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 8, 2009



This is BlueBeary.  He is a firmly felted bear, made from a Corriedale core with colored Merino over the top.
His eyes are black glass, I believe they are German shoebutton eyes.  Once felted, I brushed and fluffed
his hair and legs. He is 4.5 inches high.
BlueBeary is my 2nd freestyle felted piece.


  1. Great Job! Look at that expression! How tall is he?
    He’s so cute….

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Forgot to add his size :o) He is about 4.5″ high.

  3. How did you brush him without pulling out the wool? He must have been VERY firmly felted?

  4. yep he is like a rock 😀 You have to add a little extra fibre to where you want to brush (especially if you use core wool), felt it down as much as you can, then gently but firmly brush it out with a nap brush or finger brush 😀
    Well, time I was in bed….eeeeek!

  5. Oh he´s so cute :)!!!!!

  6. Sweet! Is he “thread-jointed”? How does that work?

    Nice job!

  7. This little guy is adorable! I love his color and the eyes are fabulous!! Really great job! Is this the entry from the woman who is new to this art?

  8. hello all!
    Helen, yes he is thread jointed. I used the strings from attaching his eyes to join the head to the body, and the arms to the body, then used a seperate thread to join the legs….I pulled it up really tight so you cant see the joins.

    Thinkoutsidethebox, I am new, but not sure if I’m the person your talking about.

    I have some nicer pics of BlueBeary now, without all my craftiness in the background…LOL

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