Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 6, 2009




A cream point Siamese Pritten (Pretty Kitten) with her mug of latte foaming over.

Latte was carefully sculpted out of lovely merino wool. Her coat was artfully blended in shades of cream, bisque, and latte colored wool. Shading done in taupe.

By Harlan



  1. Oh, tell us more about this one…. She is gorgeous…. I’m waiting to see her spring into action…. Great definition….

  2. She does make lovely cats out of merino no less! I rarely use merino as it takes a longer time to felt. It does make a nice surface texture. Lovely work and detailing!

  3. STUNNING!!!!!!!!

  4. Latte is so beautiful !! Love her pose and the tail right up !

  5. Thanks so much!!
    I’ve tried other fibers but I still love Merino best! I do use some wool batting for my core but other than that – it’s all Merino!

  6. I recognize Latte from Flickr! I love the soft tones and subtle blending. And great “eyeliner”; I can’t seem to master that!

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