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Little Bears are miniature needle felted bears. These bears have jointed arms and legs and are fashioned after antique bears. I use various fibers for felting, however I have found that real dog and cat hair works wonders. 3 Little Bears were felted entirely from cat hair. I run a no-kill animal rescue and sanctuary, so I am never at a loss for felting material. I don’t mind the shedding.

The rescue is called Safe At Last, Inc.

It’s amazing what can be recycled!


  1. Amazing! Cat hair…. I knew you could mix dog hair with other fiber to needle felt….but entirely from cat hair….Wow! The bears are darling…
    It’s Bathtime for the aussies before they blow coat….I’ll have a great supply of material to use…
    I’m still amazed! What a special gift you have…. not only with your needle felting talent, but with your work in animal rescue & sanctuary….
    Thank you, Bonnie! Wishing you a great New Year in both endeavors! A big talent with a Big Heart!

  2. This is really a good example of what you can felt by experimenting with different fibers. The fur looks interesting with the variations if the color due to the cat fur. Great job!

  3. Bonnie – your bears are gorgeous ! I can´t believe you used only cat hair for these ! Amazing !

  4. Did you use long furred cat fur for these? I’m not familiar with using cat fur as I am allergic!!!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I love the bears…I’m off to start brushing my orange kitties to get the hair!! Laurie

  6. Thank you to all for the lovely comments. It’s always nice to have such positive feedback. I’m rather new to the world of needle felting so to all of you I feel very honored to be shown here in your company. In answer to some questions I use both long and short hair to felt. I have a few orange tabby cats here and I used hair from each of them. 2 of the orange cats do have long hair, but both long & short felt well. As one would imagine, in rescue there is no shortage of variety in length or color.

  7. That is such a wonderful thing that you have a no-kill rescue. The animals must be so glad when they are in your care as they no longer have to fear being killed! And you even love all that shedding as it gives you fiber to work with! What a great win-win situation all around!!

  8. These bears take me back to my childhood and my best friend “Teddy”. He was lost many years ago and seeing these bears took me back to another time. I’ve searched for years to replace him and now I think I found him! Bravo!

  9. WOW! Amazing is the only word I can find to describe this work! Not only are the bears super adorable but the idea that they are created from cat hair..makes me speechless! The whole needle felting movement in my eyes, is a great testament to our world’s current need to be aware and utilize re-purposed materials. You my dear, are a perfect and shining example of the ideology behind, recycle, reuse, re-purpose!

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