Posted by: gourmetfelted | January 3, 2009





This is a needlefelted snowboarder making a grab trick in the air. I´ve used pipe cleaners as armature, but the rest is needlefelted of swedish wool. I got he inspiration from a photo  found on Internet. I´m planning on making some more snowboarders making different tricks, and maybe make a mobile of them.


  1. This is so cute Gunilla! Great idea! How large is this sculpture?

  2. Very COOL! Great action!… Are the clothes made separately & removable or needled on & cuffs & collars added…. What are the measurements on your sculpture?
    Great job!!! Hope to see more!
    What a fantastic start on this contest….definitely raising the bar!!!

  3. Gerry…. The border collie & sheep are darling…..
    Got to make some of your sheep….
    Bring ’em in, Tip!

  4. Thank you Gerry and Lynne ! My snowboarder is about 5 inches high (the snowboard itself about 3 inches long).
    The clothes are all needlefelted on the sculpture itself.

  5. Gunilla…You are quite an accomplished artist in multi media! Thank you for sharing your talent…
    Gets my creativity flowing again….now, I’ve got to do something about it 🙂

  6. The colors grab you & you can really feel the movement in this piece. You have really conveyed the feeling of fun. Beautifully done. This piece makes me smile!!!

  7. Thank you Bonnie !! Happy to make you smile !!
    I´m working on his buddy right now, making another trick in the air.

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